Rachel Zoe & Skyler: Beverly Hills Shoppers

Rachel Zoe brought Skyler with her to the Jenni Kayne boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday (August 10). The 2-year-old’s hair is getting long!

The other day the cutie posed with mom for the camera. The Rachel Zoe Project star wrote via Instagram on August 6: “Striking a pose with my angel and that’s a wrap! XoRZ”

On Wednesday she gave a fall preview of her latest equestrian line at Bloomingdale’s in Century City.

“I’ve always wanted to design a collection around that kind of ’70s equestrian theme, and we really made it come to life,” she said at the show. “It wasn’t too costume-y or gimmicky.”

She also shared that she frequents Sunset Tower Hotel’s restaurant, Soho House and Chateau Marmont and stated, “I am somewhat of a creature of habit.”

Zoe has also just finished writing her second book that will be out next spring. As for her rumored sitcom that might make the airwaves she said, “You know how TV is. We could see it in a year, we could see it in four years, who knows…if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Instagram

  • coco

    It’s always halloween for Zoe and Carnival for her poor boy/girl…

  • Kristine

    The last picture with her posing with her son…he looks so cute!

  • Isabella

    He seriously going to be stunning young man!! Look at that eyes in the last picture !! Beautiful!!

  • Doreen

    Buy some shoes that fit you!!! OMG! It is so ridiculous…

    • Anonymous

      This is what you worry about? How come you’re not posting on the pictures of Sylvester Stallone, the steroid king? How come you’re not talking about what a crappy example he sets for his kids by using drugs?

      Nooooo… someone’s ill-fitting shoes are much more important.

      • Anonymous

        You haven’t commented on Sylvester Stallone ether so what’s your point.

        • InTouch

          Because Anonymous doesn’t want to bash any celebrity. You seemed to have missed that point.

  • choop

    A baby version of Aaron Johnson.

  • Bdel

    I don’t understand how a stylist has such awful taste and ill fitting clothes!

  • Sabine Zenker

    Rachel Zoe may very well be observing the Jewish custom of not cutting a baby boys hair until he reaches the age of three years. I did this with all three of my boys and was always stunned by the comments I received from total strangers in reference to their hair length.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Sylvester is on steroids. I guess I missed that article.

  • cb

    wonder why she always wears maxis ? she is so thin, would probably look great in jeans, capris, shorts, short dresses. instead she looks stupid. i know i wouldnt hire her as a stylist. thats like going to a hairstylist whose own hair looks like crap.

    • Anonymous

      My guess is that she wears them to cover up her entire body. Every time someone even gets a tiny peek at her limbs, they go crazy with how thin she is. Maybe she just doesn’t want to deal with the criticism?

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