Shakira: Summer Time With Milan

Shakira has been sharing adorable photos via Instagram of her son Milan. In the past couple of weeks the Colombian singer shows the 6-month-old reading National Geographic, hanging out at the recording studio and posing with dad Gerard Piqué.

The 36-year-old Voice judge recently wrote a piece for The Huffington Post revealing her views on the importance of children’s education.

She writes, “In Barranquilla, where I came from, it seemed as though many around me had their fate decided for them since even before birth. Those who were born poor died poor, and unfortunately, the same holds true today in Colombia as well as in many other parts of the developing world. Even as a child, I knew that seeing those kids in my hometown, living in the streets with little hope of changing their fate, was wrong. No matter what the circumstances.”

Shakira also says Milan inspires her every day to continue the fight for children’s rights.

“When I look at him I see limitless possibilities. I feel what I think all parents feel, and hope for their children’s futures, regardless of their own background. My hope is that those who read this are encouraged to find their own ways to contribute to improving our children’s futures through education.”


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Photo credit: Instagram

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    WOW, he looks just like Shakira!

  • Deb

    By the way,it’s Colombian not Columbian. Are you(the site) sure you don’t want to hire someone(me) to proofread,etc.?!?

    • Lisa Estall

      Thanks Deb!

  • Alyson

    he has such pretty eyes!

  • sheida

    aww his so cute.look at those cheeks

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