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Christie Lynn Smith’s latest guest post for Celebrity Baby Scoop tells of a mysterious rash on her son Joshua’s face. Christie – whose past television credits include Weeds, NCIS, 90210 and All My Children – shares her frustration on finding out what is causing the outbreaks on her 8-month-old.

The actress – who also raises 5-year-old Abby with husband John Fortson – was told by a dermatologist that it’s “seborrheic dermatitis”. Continue on to read if that was the case…

So the last few months have been hard dealing with figuring out what is causing the
“rash” on Joshua’s face. What has been even more frustrating is dealing with doctors
who only want to give me something to put on it rather than finding out the “root of the
problem.” What is causing the outbreak?

So when Joshua was first born he had the normal newborn acne which Abby had as
well – so I was never worried. But then a few months ago his face went crazy. The photos I usually send in were head on and you couldn’t see it.. but the photo below will show you why I was so worried…. Poor little guy!!

It started out slowly with just some red bumps but then he would have a full outbreak of a scaly red sand paper rash and then it went to the other side. I spent so many hours online trying to figure out what was causing it and trying to figure out how to help Joshua, who would scratch it because it was bothering him. We went to our pediatrician’s office and she said it was eczema – but wanted me to go the dermatologist down the hall. He was positive it was cradle cap of the face.. the official diagnosis was “seborrheic dermatitis.”

I never believed him…

Long story short, we tried everything – every “green product” we could find and the
dermatologist wanted us to use a few other over the counter products that didn’t work –
we tried those for over a month. Then we end up going out of town for 5 days to La Jolla which is by the ocean and it VANISHED! His skin was beautiful! Clear as a bell and no scratching! and to top it off – I used nothing on it!!? OK… Weird!!! What happened?

So, we come home and BAM! It came back full force. I freaked out. Not one second went by without me trying to figure it out. Was it our house, sheets, environment, dust mites, trees outside, what was effecting him? I took photos and sent to dermatologist with my email and his response was that “Hawaii would make his skin better as well as going to La Jolla which is a coastal town and the pool helped to… “ and then he changed his diagnosis.

He said it was indeed eczema which I already knew. I am not a doctor, but yes, I
Googled every photo of eczema I could find and it looked just like it. Now he called it “genetic eczema” and wanted me to use steroids for two weeks to clear it up and if it came back I would have to keep using it again and again and again. To me it seemed like it was a vicious cycle of covering up what the problem was. I really thought about what was different. And realized maybe I didn’t eat as many eggs out of town and a few other foods.

SO I cut out eggs, cow’s milk cheeses, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and few other foods.. and after the outbreak healed.. his face looked better!! A ton better..Hmmmm.. so it’s my diet… makes sense right.. but which food is it? The trick is to eliminate everything and add back one food at a time. And the only way to really do that is to eat at home – and right it down. So I did.

I started to hone in on the problem. But then the other day we had a sitter for the first time and she had to feed Joshua two feedings of frozen milk that day and his skin broke out again two days later. OH NO!! Whatever food he is allergic too is in my breast milk that I pumped a couple months ago. I never even thought of that!! I’ve talked our pediatrician I might need throw out 40 bags of breast milk – for all the mommies out there who pump you know how that breaks my heart. Throwing away my“liquid gold” – ouch! But whatever is best for my baby. But it came down to not to throwing it out, but have it for emergencies. So long story short – The trigger I believe is TOMATOES! I’ve cut them out of my diet and have not used the breast milk from before since I used to eat a salad with tomatoes everyday.

I am way less stressed trying to figure it out. YES, it took time! But it was worth it! And
his face looks amazing and he’s not bothered by it anymore. By the way, neither doctor even told me that it might be the food I was eating. They never even mentioned it and when I did mention it – the dermatologist said that it was no way associated with my diet but Joshua’s pediatrician was open to me trying it. So it was only after a lot of research online I found out that, my diet could be the problem. And I will tell you I found another trigger! I tried a fabulous lobster roll sandwich from Cousins Maine Lobster Truck – I love food trucks! BUT BAM! Two days later his skin went nuts. So no lobster rolls for this mama:)

SO – I say trust your instinct! And always try to get to the “root” of what is causing the problem rather than just going straight to the medication. But I am not a doctor and I know there are times you might have to. I’m sharing this story so maybe it can help any other mommies that might be going through the same thing.

Thank you for letting me share & I would love to hear if this ever happened to you! You can leave your comments below:)

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Till next time… xo Christie

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  • Robin

    very helpful post!! One of my twins got a rash on his face too… Little red dots that sort of looked like baby acne, but he was 3-4 months old. Dr said it was baby acne but I felt like it was something else. Realized it was the multivitamin I was taking when it ran out and it went away then came back after I bought another bottle of it.

    By the way… You don’t need to throw away your milk! Please consider donating it to a baby in need. There are milk sharing websites like that will connect donors to recipients. The milk can be safely shared by easy at home pasteurization. Frozen milk is good up 12 months. It is a wonderful thing to do and you can really help out someone who needs milk for their baby. A friend of mine was going to throw away her whole freezer of pumped milk because she was weening her daughter, but when she heard that my supply had dropped and I needed to supplement my twins she donated it to me!

  • Heather

    What a sweet face.

  • Pippa

    You have to be INCREDIBLY cautious when introducing shellfish (and nuts, of course) to your baby’s diet. (In the article she mentioned the Lobster roll made her son’s skin “go nuts”.) Im just commenting on that for future moms information. Not saying her son is necessarily allergic to shellfish, but the reaction he had to her breast milk with Lobster in it could be indicative of an allergy too. And now that she has seen his reaction to certain ingredients in her breast milk, he is probably going to be a child that is allergic to many things. Of course, I dont know that for sure. It’s just a guess.

    Her son is GORGEOUS! 🙂

  • What a beautiful picture of mother and child.

  • Dana

    This post helped me! I cut tomatoes out of my diet after reading it and my son’s face rash finally went away! He had it since he was two months old! thank you!

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