Julie Bowen: Limits Are Set With My Kids

Modern Family’s Julie Bowen says being your child’s best friend is not the best choice.

Mom to Oliver, 6, and 4-year-old twins Gus and John – she tells Working Mother, “Being your kids’ best friend is not always the best parenting choice. It’s not about everybody being happy all the time. It’s about setting limits. In my house that makes my kids very unhappy, like tantrums-on-the-ground-twice-a-day unhappy. But the limits are set.”

With her high-profile career – she’s had to adjust a work plan around her family.

She states, “At first I didn’t. My schedule at Modern Family is fantastic, so I didn’t have to give up much. But I’m discovering that my kids now notice more when I’m gone, that they want more time and attention. So I shorten trips to a bare minimum or just don’t go at all.”

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