First Photo Of Kim Kardashian & Newborn Daughter

It’s our first glimpse of the Kardashian-West family-of-three.

TMZ posts the first photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their daughter North. The famous family were spotted at an L.A. medical facility on Wednesday (August 14).

While the nanny carried their daughter in the covered-up car seat, Kim and Kanye walked closely behind.

Dressed down in a demin collared shirt, leggings, boots and a shirt wrapped around her waist, the new mom looked lovely as they headed into a doctor’s appointment.

This marks the first time we’ve seen Kim and Kanye with their daughter since her June 15th birth.

Click here to see the photo of the famous trio.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • A

    I don’t see any baby!

    • Robin

      I know. Misleading title.

  • Colleen

    Seriously, 2 parents and they still needed a nanny to accompany them to a dr appointment? And Kanye couldn’t carry that baby instead of making the nanny carry her? It looks like Kim and Kanye are just along for the ride.

    • Chapehilloh

      Yea, I was a bit disappointed that they can’t even carry their own baby (not that I like these two at all). And for being as “hands on” as they are trying to come across, you think they would have opted to come without the nanny since they knew they’d have their picture taken. I’ve never understood having a nanny- a babysitter yes, a grandma or sibling to help, yes. But a nanny? No.

      • anonymous

        That’s Kanye’s aunt. Maybe she wanted to carry the baby. Who cares? People find such stupid things to complain about.

        • InTouch

          I so, so, so agree with you. Why must everyone nitpick every single thing??

        • Colleen

          I thought it was one of his family members too. It is sad how everyone enjoys beating down someone. I love that she is out and about like a new mom. I wore baggy clothes and no make-up too. I enjoy seeing her like that.

  • Joey

    It says TMZ posted the picture BUT when you go to that site you see a nanny holding the baby in a carrier with a blanket over it’s head. Utterly ridiculous.

  • Lea

    Kim won’t show North before she has slimmed down enough to do a paid photoshoot… two comments on the picture: Kim looks really good without make up, honestly she should stop making herself look like a weird cat. Secondly, of course they had to bring the nanny to the appointment, since she is probably the only one caring for baby North, she knows her best.

    • Chapehilloh

      So true on the nanny comment.

    • InTouch

      If I had a full-time nanny that was being paid to care for the baby, I would probably bring her with us to a doctor appointment, too. What’s she supposed to do? Sit home and wait for us to return?

      (And this is all presuming that this woman is the nanny. She could just be a friend or relative.)

      • Jackie

        On what planet is it acceptable to make an old lady, whether aunt or nanny carry a baby in a heavy carseat when there are two young able bodied parents?! Have some repect you two useless “celebs”

  • Leah Lee

    These people are a BIG JOKE,

  • Jessica

    As ridiculous as a nanny out with them when there is no need, I must say Kim looks wonderful but I know she is losing that weight by going to the gym and being away from her newborn daughter. It sucks society puts so much pressure on mothers to lose weight so soon after birth. A mother should be constantly with her newborn child for at least the first 6-8 weeks. It’s pretty sad some people think their image is important than those first crucial bonding weeks.

    • Anonymous

      “I know she is losing that weight by going to the gym and being away from her newborn daughter”

      Really? You KNOW this? What a presumptuous fool you are.

      • Robin

        She’s been going to Tracey Anderson. It doesn’t take a presumptuous fool to know that.

        • Anonymous

          You can’t possibly KNOW what she’s doing. You can presume based on gossip and media, but you don’t KNOW, so stop acting like you do.

          If this is the first photo of her in public, how do you KNOW she’s been going to Tracey Anderson?

    • Rose

      No one would expect a person to have to be at a job 24/7 – that would leave to burnout really quickly. So why are mothers expected to do such an important job 24/7 with no breaks? I don’t think that’s health for anyone involved. And you don’t sound like a person who knows very much about babies – if you knew anything at all about newborns you would know that they sleep more than they are awake. So there’s no reason why a mother couldn’t take a break while their child naps and go take some time for themselves. And how does a baby bond with their Mother while they’re asleep. The more I think about your post, the more ridiculous it sounds and the more flaws I find in your “logic.”

      • Anonymous


  • lei

    I can’t believe they can’t even carry their own baby!! ridiculous. They are not parent-material if they can’t even carry the car seat.

  • musiclover

    I’m sorry, but l don’t care if I had unlimited money to my name, I would not have a nanny go with me to a doctor appt. Nothing wrong with having a nanny, but seriously. … they need 3 adults to take one little baby to the pediatrician?

  • Angel

    I’m still laughing at the name North West…

  • anonymous

    I’m sure the baby gets all kinds of attention from her parents. Quite complaining about such little things. Grasping at straws to find something to gripe about is not attractive. The baby could care less so why should you….If Kanye wants to bring a family member with him, that’s his and Kim’s business.

    • DanSy

      A nanny is not a family member.

      But isbthisblafy really a nanny and not actually a relative? She looks too happy and exited, just saying.

      • DanSy

        Is this lady* lol can’t type

    • Anonymous

      Your post makes perfect sense…. so I’m sure the self-righteous hags that frequent this website will hate it.

  • Steph

    Who gives a crap about their baby it’s took so long for them to show it, they are not special or differet from anyone else, look forward to seeing kortneys next one. Prays sent for khloe for her to be blessed with one, I waited years to be blessed and I was eventually when the time was right

  • Moo

    I love the way he looks at Kim with so much love 🙂 and she looks stunning with no makeup on, such a natural beauty.
    When I had my daughter EVERYONE wanted to be carrying her, and that was fine by me, as it was me doing the sleepless nights, feeding, bonding. Being a new parent doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to put the child down or let other people hold her…. And assuming it’s a ‘nanny’ without actually knowing who the woman is, is kinda rude.

    • Anonymous

      Soooooo true!

    • Anonymous

      “I love the way he looks at Kim with so much love”

      Are you kidding me? I about fell over laughing at that comment. That man almost never even looks at Kim. If he is ever looking at her, 99% of the time he has the most angry look on his face I have ever seen. You’d think he wants to kill every single person around him, including her!

      • Anabelle

        Exactly! Everyone knows their relationship is purely business. x

  • Holly

    Apparently she is Kanye’s Aunt – NOT A NANNY.

    • AvaElizabeth


    • Robin

      Even if that is true, why is she carrying the baby rather than the parents? It just seems like a hired help situation even if she is a relative.

      • Anonymous

        Because she wanted to? Because she offered to? Because they asked her to?

        What is **wrong** with you that you have to look for negative in a clearly non-negative photo??

  • Rosy

    Well that was an anticlimax..

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