Tobey Maguire & Ruby: Pacific Palisades Pair

Tobey Maguire had 6-year-old Ruby keep him company while jogging in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Wednesday (August 14).

Ruby kept up in her bike with training wheels. Otis, 4, wasn’t with them.

Tobey’s next movie is Labor Day – due out on Christmas day.

Based on the 2009 novel by American author Joyce Maynard – the story is about a 13-year-old boy from New Hampshire who earns valuable life lessons over a five-day Labor Day weekend after an escaped convict seeks shelter with the boy’s single mom. Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin are also in the cast.

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Aw, they make a cute daddy/daughter pair!
Is it common for a 6 y/o to still have the training wheels on her bike? I’m from Europe and most of the kids can cycle without the training wheels at around 4 years of age. So I’m just curious :).