Sienna Miller & Marlowe: Snackin’ In London

Sienna Miller and Marlowe, 1, were spotted in London, England on Wednesday (August 14). The actress – engaged to Tom Sturridge – recently said that she’s on a break and wants to concentrate on motherhood.

She told the Standard, “I have technically been on a break. I got a film [Foxcatcher] that was too good not to do, that I shot from September to December. It was amazing but it was hard at that period with the baby, so I vowed to take the rest of the year off.”

“I just think I was living quite a hectic life. I was shooting five films a year, things were crazy, I was in my twenties, I was all over the place, working and moving house. You’re working at a speed that, for me, was not particularly fulfilling. I got a little bit disillusioned. I felt like I needed to take a bit of a break and re-evaluate things, which I did. I came back and did Flare Path, which was wonderful.”

Miller added, “And now Foxcatcher, which is a fascinating true story. I felt, having done that, that unless it’s of that calibre, it’s not worth not being with my baby… Unless it’s something spectacular, I really want to be a mother.”

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  1. Pippa

    I personally am not a fan of the trend of pulling your daughter’s hair in all directions and then rubber-banding it into knots or ponies that stick up off their head.
    It’s like she tries to make it quirky by making it as random as possible, but it just looks like she is trying too hard to make it quirky. Brush your kid’s hair. It’s not quirky or unique, its totally trendy.

    • Heather

      I’m pretty sure you don’t need someone to post online telling you how to do your child’s hair. My daughter just turned 18 and when she was a toddler I did that to her hair. She called it her Mickey Mouse ears. Some people are unique. Not everyone has to look exactly alike. Or, how you think they should look.

  2. Sara

    Marlowe has SO MUCH hair! Love it! Some babies grow hair so fast. It seems like Eric Dane’s daughter didn’t grow a full head of hair til she was 2!

  3. Gemi

    It’s funny to see such a little girl with so much hair, mine didn’t have this much till about 3.

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