Madonna & Kids: France Fun

Madonna and her family are still on holiday in Ville Franche-Sur-Mer, France. On Friday (August 16) – which was the pop singer’s 55th birthday – Rocco Ritchie was seen
biking solo in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

A few days before the family – including Madonna’s boyfriend Brahim Zaibat took Lourdes, 16, and Rocco, 13, to ride jet skis.

Madonna thanked fans for all the birthday wishes.

She said via Instagram: Thank u all for your #birthday love! Help me celebrate my birthday, by donating to Raising Malawi to support the work of one of my Heroes, Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Eric Borgstein: Revolution of LOVE!”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Lauren

    why does Madonna dress like a teenage boy.

  • SiervaMaria

    1. Rocco is becoming a quite handsome young man. I always thought his dad was good looking but I don’t really see him as much in him at this point.

    2. Lourdes is not my child and I am not anyone’s judge. My personal op is that I wouldn’t be very comfortable with my physically maturing teenage daughter being so revealed in the “constant presence” of my male employees or man friend. I believe in encouraging a healthy self esteem in a child regarding their entire self “inside and out” but I’m also realistic about human nature and thus, sexual natures and it’s beyond unrealistic to believe that if she has a woman’s body, it is not going to be looked at in that context. Remember I said “constant presence.”

    3. Does anyone else see a facial resemblance between Lourdes and a younger Kim Kardashian?

    • Mickey

      Do you realize that you’re looking at this fresh, young girl with the mind of a rapist, of at least sexual offender? Why can’t some (many, most?) people just enjoy this good – and yes, sexy – looking girl in a light, happy and positive way?

      • Anonymous

        That would be fine if there weren’t SO many young girls being victimized by older men. How difficult and damaging would it be to insist that your young daughter dress more modestly, especially in front of men and always present Paparazzi?

        So ask yourself MICKEY……. is it worth the risk?!

      • Anonymous

        Maybe if Hannah Anderson’s parents weren’t so STUPID (then and now) and exercised their duties as parents and NOT allow their young daughter to keep such close company with grown man, call and text him constantly, take trips ALONE with him, and to wear provocative clothing in front of him, others and the TV audiences; maybe her sad story, and even sadder story of her (clueless) mother, and (innocent) brother and dog could’ve been avoided.

        That’s why M I C K E Y, young girls shouldn’t be allowed to parade suggestively around men. It only exacerbates a bad situation.

        P.s. I’m still waiting to hear that Hannah A. went with DiMaggio willingly because they’d been having sex for some time. Not so sure about the murder of her mother and brother, BUT, it wouldn’t surprise me. Many a young pretty girl have coaxed men into doing away with their parents GOBALY! We shall see. BUT I sure hope that I’m wrong.

        • Mickey

          Take a deep breath and relax (and stop yelling)…
          The danger is often in an unexpected corner. And it always will be. My bets are it isn’t here, under the eye of Madonna (and a bunch of paparazzi)…

          • Robin

            Actually the danger is usually right in front of your face. Statistics show that sex offenders are almost always known to the family.

  • Anonymous

    Because she’s dating a teenage boy!

  • anonymous

    It’s how she thinks, not what she wears. Madonna said years ago she would teach her daughter to respect herself and hopefully she has done that. Lourdes seems like she is a sensible girl so hopefully she will make good decisions when it comes to herself.

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