Jessica Alba & Family Hit The Hamptons

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were all smiles with their two daughters – Honor, 5, and Haven, 2 – along with the nanny while enjoying the beach in the Hamptons.

“Thank you Mr & Mrs Patricof #beachlife #familyvacation #grateful #clambake @jessicaalba,” Cash captioned the above family photo via Instagram.

Back in Beverly Hills on Saturday (August 17), Cash was seen toting their tot in matching pink outfits as they headed to an afternoon party.

Perhaps they were celebrating Haven’s birthday? The sweet girl just turned two on August 13.

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Photo credit: Instagram/AKM-GSI

  • Kristine

    Cute family picture. They look happy and enjoying life

  • Anonymous

    They’re on vacation with their two kids and they need a nanny? SMH.

    • Mia

      She’s also a friend of their family.

    • Anonymous

      Ahhh.. another self-righteous hag!

      • Jen

        How is it she’s being self righteous? Going on vacation? Spending most of her time with her kids? Or is it the fact that she has a nanny and more money than you?

        • InTouch

          I don’t think it’s Jessica Alba who’s the “self-righteous hag”. It’s the original Anonymous poster who thinks they can decide when people should and shouldn’t use a nanny.

  • Jenn

    Having the nanny with them doesn’t bother me considering 95% of the time it is just the four of them. Maybe they wanted to have some alone time on their trip as well.

    • Angel

      Who cares if it did bother you.

  • ana

    aww is that the nanny in the picture there? that’s so cute she’s part of the family!

  • anonymous

    I don’t know why people bash celebrities when they see them with a nanny. Who cares? They live different lives and they have nannies. You would have one too if you had their money.

  • Jen

    I think it’s really nice that they have her in the picture. Nannies are part of the family, too! It shows they don’t treat her like just a maid.

  • Cecilia

    Isn’t the nanny her or Cash’s cousin? She is part of their family and she goes with them places. They don’t just use her to drop the kids off at school and then banish her away to the back of the house. They seem to actually include her in their life. I think it says a lot that they took a photo of their family and she is in the middle. Why the negativity?

    • InTouch

      Some people have to feel superior than others. If they’re not richer, more beautiful or smarter, they put others down in other (ridiculous) ways to make themselves feel better.

      • Anonumys

        InTouch clearly you are out of touch because that’s not it at all. Many people on here don’t get why some celebrities can’t handle one or two kids with out the help of a nanny when going to a store, out to eat, the park or picking the kids up from school. Like Rachel Zoe and her husband going shopping and bring a nanny along with them.

        In this case people don’t get why Jessica and Cash can’t go on a vacation with out a nanny with them. Normaly I would agree with the other posters but in this case I can see why they brought the nanny along. It’s better and safer to leave the kids with someone they no and trust if they want to have some alone time, then with a complete stranger recommend by the hotel.

  • Anonymous

    Any good mother will not allow a nanny to raise their kids. And you have no idea how often a nanny is with them or not with them since you don’t know them or live in their house. You wouldn’t have a clue by looking at a couple of pictures of them once a week on Celebrity Baby Scoop.

    • Amy

      Wouldn’t it be any good Perant and NOT any good mother?

      Unless you believe that fathers play no part in raising their kids or how they are being raised.

  • Anonymous

    You can be a good mother and have a nanny, and I think working with the nanny and including her in family activities shows confidence as a mother. If you are a working parent and employe a nanny wouldn’t you want your children to know you are working together for their benefit? it takes a village…

  • romi

    Wow, Haven’s eyes are really small… Honor is so cute! ^_^

    • Mickey

      What an unfriendly thing to say… comparing kids!

  • notsonew

    I was a nanny in college for a year, the mother was a doctor the father own his own business, they brought me or the the grandparents everywhere with them.

  • laura

    I don’t understand why people are so violent with celebrities JUST BECAUSE they have a nanny or more money. What’s wrong with that?It doesn’t mean that Jessica and Cash don’t spend time with their children, it just means that it’s easier for them to find someone who takes care of their daughters when they have to work, or when they have some couple time, or when there’s an emergency.
    And moreover, you can’t know anything about their lives from a photo.
    Even if they take a nanny to go to a shop, how do you know that it’s because “they can’t handle one or two kids without the help”? Maybe they were working and the nanny was with the kids and when they finished working and went shopping the nanny joined them so that the kids could stay with their parents? Can’t you imagine that life has thousands of variables and it may not always be what you think?

  • Len

    She said in an interview that their nanny is jessica’s brother’wife sister.she has been working for them for years

  • Poppy

    The fact that the “nanny” smiles exactly as Cash makes me doubt the fact these two are not related. And you do include your extented family members in your life, and sometimes they babysit your kids, so…

    You really need to take it easy, people!

  • ?

    As a nanny (but one who doesn’t work for high profile people), It is very common to take a nanny with you on holiday, remember its a holiday for everyone!
    I think having a familiar face to care for the children is better than putting children in a kids club or worse do you advocate they leave them in a hotel room like Madeline Mccann’s parents? Some families take grandparents with them to share the childcare why not take the nanny?

  • anonymous

    The ones complaining about having a nanny sound jealous and spiteful. They’re probably the ones who would be lining one up the minute they got home from the hospital with their new baby. LOL There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a nanny. They have more money than you and can afford one – get over it.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t sould jealous at all. Where do you get jealousy from “They’re on vacation with their two kids and they need a nanny? SMH” from this comment?

      • Anonymous

        I ment they dont SOUND jealous.

  • sharon

    While I don’t agree with those that believe the nanny is a relative or family friend (just like Gwen’s nanny is her husband’s sister – LOL.) I don’t think Ms. Alba is deserving of all this vitriol and criticism.

    Unlike the Stefani family who can’t seem to function without at least one of their nannies with them, Jessica Alba seems very hands on and involved with her daughters and the nanny is seldom spotted with her. When she takes her kids to the park or on errands, she does it with her husband or solo.

  • coco

    I wonder how do you think you know things goes in their family just by looking at the photos…
    And honestly having another figure who cares for you like a parent in addition to your own parents is something that can only make children’s lives fuller and better!

  • coco

    And hoe cute that the girls have matching dresses! Haven still looks like a baby!

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