Maci Bookout Defends Spanking Her Son

After the August 18 premiere of Being Maci, the MTV spinoff showcasing former Teen Mom star Maci Bookout, the young mom, 21, is now facing some criticism for spanking her 5-year-old son Bentley.

“I’m gonna catch a bunchaaa s–t for spanking bentley . . . #parenting,” the reality star tweeted Sunday night.

During the one-hour special about her life after Teen Mom, Maci was seen struggling to juggle school, work and parenting Bentley with ex-fiancé Ryan Edwards.

During one scene, the reality star and her roommates took Bentley bowling after picking him up from school. But after having a meltdown for having to take turns, Maci excused herself to the bathroom with him and allegedly gave him a spanking that was not shown on camera.

“I got spanked as a kid for being a brat when I knew better,” she tweeted, “so questioning this is questioning my parents and I take offense to that.”

The reality star added: “If Being Maci showed y’all anything it’s that no matter whats happened I’m still just BEING MACI. Nothing will ever change that #beingmaci.”

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  • Barbara

    Don’t dump on her for spanking. Sometimes they need to know who is in charge. I raised 3 kids, helped care for 2 grandkids . Only 1 out of the 5 got a swat on the fanny when it was called for. In rearing his own daughter he in turn did not spank, but she didn’t need it.

    • Anon

      Can’t really figure out how you explain to a child that it’s okay for you to hit them, but they can’t hit others. There’s no logic there.

      • Cecilia

        Because children aren’t idiots and possess common sense. They are able to differentiate between circumstances and know punishment by a parent for doing something against the rules is different then being mad at a kid in our class.

        • Anon

          3-year olds possess common sense???? Alrighty then…..

    • Chloe

      Fanny means a different thing in the UK and I almost died before realising what you actually meant!

    • SiervaMaria

      I don’t even debate the spanking issue because it’s one of those subjects that there is no middle ground. It has always been a last resort in my family but, it is a resort. I get so damned tired of seeing bad-azzed kids who KNOW there is nothing awaiting them but a timeout in their fun-filled room. My mom loved us in a way growing up that made even my friends said “I wish I had her as a mother” and let me tell you, she did not spare the rod if she felt the communication warranted it. I’m still here and my mom is still adored.

      • Anonymous

        The problem with parents who raise children like these is not that they don’t spank them, it’s that they don’t discipline them. There is a HUGE difference!

  • Cecilia

    Honestly, I don’t spank my kids. I’m not anti-spanking, I just don’t use it myself. However, I grew up in a house with spanking (rather mild, my dad never used more than his hand and wouldn’t windup, just a little smack on the bum) and it did the trick. I hated it, the threat of it kept me in line on a few occassions that an incentive wouldn’t have. I never understood the backlash to spanking until I realized the version of spanking we received was really mild. However, we didn’t know it could be worse so the mild form did the trick. Sorry for the ramble, but my point is that spanking can be effective and a lot of people who implement it aren’t being barbaric or lazy. As long as you aren’t crossing the line into abuse, I won’t judge parents who choose to spank.

    • Anon

      …..people who implement it aren’t being barbaric or lazy

      I disagree. If the only way you can get a 3-year old to behave is to strike them, you are being lazy. Barbaric might be too strong a term though.

    • DoesntMatter

      I agree with u 100% Cecelia! I would get on punishment sometimes for the usual talking back or small things and when that didnt work my mom would “pop” us and that worked. We were never beat and I think it benefited me more than it temporarily hurt me. To each its own but Bentley and any other child who receives a small spanking will survive lol

      • Yolanda

        Ya, I come from a hispanic family but grew up in a house that spoke 100% english so I didn’t know spanish. However, my grandmother would speak in spanish all the time. Well, turns out what I thought was a word that meant something like “Bad person!” or “You did a bad thing!” was apparently her saying a very, very bad word. So, fast forward a few days and my mom does something I don’t agree with so I turn, point at her, and yell the word to her. Oh my goodness! My mom freaks out and says, “say that again?” in what I now realize was a rhetorical question. I was 5 so I said it again lol. She got up, kinda grabbed my chin, and gave my cheek a good few pats which I remembered for the longest time because my mom was the most passive person alive. My dad was usually the stick, she was the carrot. I still have never cursed in front of my mother, nor have I repeated words I don’t understand and I am a grown woman now!

  • DoesntMatter

    There’s a difference between spanking and beating. I was spanked as a child sometimes and it taught me to respect and mind my mother. I never hit other kids at school because I was taught that hitting other kids was wrong. Kids are not idiots- they are are very intellegent beings and i’m sure they can associate a spanking with bad behavior or not minding. Maybe if more kids got spankings there would be less mass murders in our communities by kids who were never taught how to LISTEN to or RESPECT authority.

    • Anon

      Maybe not less mass murderers but surely less brats running around these days. I feel that kids get brattier year by year and parents excuse is “I want my child to be a free spirit”.

      My bro and I were spanked by our mother, never our father, when we were younger and only for being disrespectful or something major. Spanking actually rarely happened for me, more so for my brother (if you knew him you would too, I feel that he gets worse as he gets older, but how do you spank an 18 y.o?). And guess what? I’m not a violent person (except on those occasions when you meet certain type of people that you think, this person needs a slap on the face with a chair, but of course you don’t do it) and I consider my mom my best friend. I do on occasion tell people that she used to spank me and send me to time out every day just to guilt trip her. ha! Now my little sister never got spanked, she could have used one to save us her attitude. All in all, we turned out to be good kids that respect our parents, we rarely talk back, we love them to death.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure mass murders are more related to severe mental illness than not being able to listen to or respect authority.

  • Koda

    I didn’t get spanked, my siblings and i got strapped with the belt if we were bad. We didn’t misbehave because we knew if we did, we got the belt. I have friends who also got the belt, friends who got the wooden spoon, friends who got the shoe, friends who got spanked, etc. Parents now are too afraid to discipline their children and that’s why there are so many spoiled brats.

    • Anon

      Parents now are too afraid to discipline their children and that’s why there are so many spoiled brats.

      Absolutely true, but why do so many people thinking spanking is the ultimate form of discipline. You can have respectful, well-behaved children without hitting them.

      • SMH

        I agree you most certainly can have those kids if you teach them young how to respect you and others. And most kids just need firm discipline and talking to not the whole time out thing.
        But I swear I see more parents back down from their kids.

        If I hear one more time, “now Billy I’m counting to 3 and you better get over here or your in trouble. 1-2….okay Billy I’m serious I said get over here you better not let me get to three. 1-2…..2 1/2……ok that’s it I really mean it now. 1-2……okay thats it when we get home your in trouble lol. My parents didn’t use the counting game. You came when told or you knew you were in trouble!!

  • Anonymous

    “so questioning this is questioning my parents and I take offense to that.”

    Why would anyone question the parents of trashy teenage mother with no grammar skills?

  • Eva

    here where i come from spanking your kids is Illegal and we have law for it and you can get into big trouble if you do so …

  • Anonymous

    I was spanked as a child, and in extreme cases it was with a belt. Today’s society deems it as abuse. But when my parents were kids, you would be sent to pick out your own switch.

    All I’m saying, is if my kid is a brat after they know better, they will be swatted, but never hard enough to leave a mark.

    • Anon

      Oh, as long as you don’t leave bruises, then it’s okay.


  • Christine

    Your kid has a meltdown because he’s obviously tired, etc. And so then you spank him? Makes total sense! :/

    I prefer to teach my children that it’s not ok to hit anyone no matter what. They learn that there are consequences like time outs, losing privileges, etc. My kids are rather sweet and very respectful, even at a young age. They treat us and others with respect because we do the same for them.

    It’s not ok for my husband to hit me out of frustration/anger so why is it ok for a parent to do so? All you do is teach them that physical violence is ok.

  • Sorry, but what is she doing here? Looks like she needs to have attention, just like the other teen moms.

  • Jane

    I was spanked as a kid, and each and every time, it was well deserved. I’m not traumatized, I am certainly not violent, and I am a really respectful person. Being pregnant right now, I can tell you that when my kid is going to disrespect me, or other people, he will get spanked. There is a really big difference between the occasionnal spanking on the butt and abuse. and there is just no way I’m gonna let my kid be a brat because I want him to be a “free spirit”. This is not an excuse for your kids to be disrespectful. I don’t see why good and firm education prevent being a free spirit.

    • Anon

      It’s sad that you believe the ONLY way to make your child respect others is to belittle them by hitting them. 🙁

  • ???

    Bentley isn’t 5, he’s still 4, he was born in october 2008

    • Anonymous

      Ok, he’s 4 years and 10 months. Feel better??

  • Zhaan

    How is it ever defensible for a grown person to inflict physical harm on a defenseless child? A parent is in an incredibly strong position of power of their children, it’s insane that reasoning that protects criminals from physical punishments does not protect CHILDREN. Yes, in some cases it works, plenty of well-adjusted people are testament to this, but statistically it harms way more than it helps – study after study shows this. Children lack the reasoning skills of adults, and all it takes is one time when the child doesn’t understand exactly why they’re being punished to blur the line between punishment and abuse, to make them mind their parents out of fear and distrust rather than respect, and to potentially scar them for life. How can that risk ever be worth it?

    • Anonymous

      I love everything you said here. Your children (if you have any) are lucky to have you.

  • jacquie109

    However you decide to parent is your personal business, however, when you are abusing your children with physical punishment there is a problem. Swats, or spankings have always been a last resort when nothing else works with my 11 year old. (who no longer gets them) but it sure taught her to stay out of certain things and the ocasional pop on the mouth when talking back occured (maybe 5 times throughout her childhood before now) nipped that quick and she has never been physically violent to anyone or any animal.
    If you explain things to them they will understand and yes they can understand from a very young age. My nephew hit a kid with a hair brush in the face and his mom smacked his hand and explained to him how it feels when you do that to someone so that he would know what he was doing and let me tell you that kid hasn’t hit another person in 2 years….
    So it’s all about how you parent and your choices are just that, YOUR choices.

  • Meghan

    Why make it into such a big deal? I was spanked as a child, never hard enough to leave a mark, and only unless I truly deserved it. It’s not for everyone, but if you do it correctly, with little harm, your child is going to learn. I honestly don’t see a problem with it.

  • Hanna

    If the child has been very naughty then yes I believe in spanking but some parents tend to take advantage and that’s when it becomes abuse.

    • Anon

      Isn’t it easier to never start hitting someone who weighs 100 pounds less and 3 feet shorter than you (more if you’re a man)? Why would you do anything to your child that you wouldn’t allow another adult to do?

  • SMH

    I work with kids everyday and let me tell you it amazes me how many of these young children 5-8 years of age disrespect adults and don’t care about anything.
    I have seen kids smack their parents. I have seen kids push and pick on other kids. I have seen them blatantly tell me or another adult “no” or stick their tongue out in disgusts. I think if more parents smacked their kids we’d have a lot less of these little monsters running around being the boss!
    I got smacked as a kid. And I never once disrespected another adult. My mom was the disciplinarian and she reserved smacking for serious offenses however my mom was also firm but fair. She only had to give us the “look” and we knew she meat business.
    All these people that say, “well if I hit then it teaches them to hit” is a load of crock! I got smacked and never once did I hit another child or even think about attempting to hit an adult. I also have no side effects from being hit.
    I don’t judge Maci for smacking Bentley…..the only concern I have is she wanted a more private life that’s why she quit Teen Mom (or so I read) and now she has a spinoff. Do we really care anymore?

    • Anonymous

      Go ahead, smack your kids. I’m sure you won’t mind if I smack him too if he dares to lay a hand on my kid.

  • SMH

    Lets put it this way rewind the clock back 30 years where spanking was very much common in most households and well there was a lot less kids bullying or hauled of to juvenile detention centers. IMO a lot less of these mass murders with guns. Why? Because parents were in tuned to their children’s lives. They weren’t afraid to open up the door of their teenage daughter/son room and snoop around to see what they were up to. They weren’t afraid to discipline them if they were bad or out of control. They weren’t afraid to turn them in when they did something bad. Our faces weren’t shoved in video games all day with violence.
    Today parents want to be friends with their kids. And there are also a lot more kids statistically growing up in broken homes. So a lot less parents who care about what their kids do or when they are coming and going. Yes, time have changed and so have people. But it’s in my own personal opinion that kids are the way they are today because parents let them bet his way. It all starts at home.

  • Gemi

    So, we are suppose to be surprised that someone who stars in a show called “Teen Mom” spanks her kid?


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