Kim Zolciak Is Expecting Twins!

Kim Zolciak and her husband Kroy Biermann are expecting twins!

The Don’t Be Tardy star tells E! News, “I’m having twins and I couldn’t be more excited. I was completely shocked. I had no idea. It was a natural conception, but twins do run in the family, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. I can’t believe I am going to be a mom to six children. It’s going to be very busy but it’s a dream come true.”

Kim already has two daughters, Brielle, 16, Ariana, 12, from a previous marriage and sons Kroy Jr., 2, and Kash, 1, with the Atlanta Falcons player.

“I personally would love a little girl because Brielle’s going to be 18 soon, Ariana’s six years away from being 18,” Zolciak said, “and I’ll be in a house with three boys possibly and Kroy? That’s a life of four-wheelers and football.”

“This is it though, buddy,” she joked to Kroy. “You better hope you get a little girl, because this is it.”

It was in June that the 35-year-old announced her pregnancy during the season finale of her Bravo show.

She also recently tweeted her latest pregnancy cravings stating, “Can we talk about the fact all I want to eat is chocolate!!!! I have always had a sweet tooth but geez!! Not 20 times a day!!!”

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  • Someone

    O.M.G. I hope whatever she does for a living is going to continue to pay extremely well. College, diapers, food, rent, that’s a doozy for a family of 8!

  • klutzy_girl

    Four babies under the age of two sounds like it’s going to be chaotic, but good luck to them. Would not blame them if they have/decide to get a nanny, tbh.

    • Anon

      I’m sure they’ll be thrilled that you’ve given permission for them to get a nanny.

      • Anonymous

        I heart this comment.

        • Gisene

          Me too! Me too!

  • anon

    Isn’t she just so blessed. People like her irritate me so badly, after having some pretty traumatic miscarriages for unexplained reasons watching trash carry twins and smoke and be “healthy” and fine just baffles me. Eww

    • NYCMommy

      Anon- I have many friends that had to try so hard to have a baby (some still trying) so I can feel you pain. we always joked and said…Two loving parents can try for years to have a child but a crack head can get pregnant by squatting behind a trash can with a man.It simply does not seem to make any sense… Good luck and I hope you get the baby you so deeply desire soon. 🙂

      • anon

        Thanks so much! Glad to see that there are few that understand still! Sad but totally true. I just found out last week I am pregnant now after trying 2yrs…just praying this bean sticks!

        • Mocha

          I totally understand where you are coming from. It’s nice to see that NYCMommy did too, because I was hoping no one picked you a part.I am praying for you and if it is in God’s will, YOU WILL HAVE YOUR LIL BEAN!!!! I am confident and so happy for your new news!!! Keep on pushing forward!

          • Anonymous

            “If” it is God’s will? God has nothing to do with this honey, it’s biology.

          • Gisene

            Apparently, it’s also “God’s will” that anon go through some “pretty traumatic miscarriages”.


      • SMH

        Totally agree. But not just when it comes to babies just health in general. I watch people destroy their bodies and they are fine yet my mom’s really good friend who never smoked a day in her life, took care of herself and was a wonderful great person dies of lung cancer in 12 weeks after a diagnosis.
        It’s one of those things that you just shake your head bc you can never explain why bad things happen to the good ones.

  • Anonymous

    My goodness! Kroy is going to be BROKER than BROKE by the time she’s done with him! He is several levels under a FOOL for allowing her to wrap her tentacles around him so TIGHTLY! His parents/family must be balling their eyes out over his EGREGOUS FOLLY.

    Oh well, the girls not getting any younger, so she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to keep the rent paid…………. for the rest of her life………. or until she lands another SUCKER.

  • arabella

    both of her boys are still in diapers.when the twins are born that’s would be three kids in diapers. a box of diapers is expensive.

  • Courtney

    some of you aren’t very bright are you multiple pregnancies become more common as you get older women release more eggs as they age and it doesn’t always take two eggs to have twins ever heard of identical twins which happen when one egg splits into two embryos after fertilization as Isabella & ISOTTA Rossellini are. good luck to Kim for a smooth remainder of her pregnancy as multiples are known to come early meaning many times one doesn’t make it ask Marlon Jackson his twin Brandon died within hours of birth in 1957

    • Anonymous

      I’ll be sure to ask Marlon, Courtney. Thanks for the head’s up.

    • Gisene

      I heart kooky Courtney!

      • NYCMommy

        me too….nice way to learn about old hollywood. 🙂

  • laura

    Wow, four kids under the age of three is overwhelming!

  • amanda

    I found an article from 2012 stating salary’s of the housewives, and Kim’s was reported as $500,000 per season. I would assume she would still be making that amount, if not more for her wedding special and her spin off show. Kroy is making over 2 million for 2013 season.

    • Anonymous

      Do we need to know how much money they make???

      • amanda

        No, you don’t. When people are commenting about Kroy is going to be broke. How much college, diapers, and food costs. I’m just pointing out that they currently can afford their children.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, still can’t figure out why anyone cares or is remotely curious if they can afford two more babies.

          They just built a house the size of a small city, I’m sure they’ll be fine.

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