Kanye West Builds ‘Popemobile’ for Baby North?

From our friends at BabyCenter

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian want nothing but the best for their baby girl, like any new parents, but while most of us have budget constraints keeping us from getting carried away, the possibilities are endless when it comes to North West.

Rumor has it the first-time father is commissioning two custom-built cars for his nearly 2-month-old daughter to be chauffeured around in, that are bullet and bomb-proof. Popemobile, anyone?

Apparently Kanye West’s plans to keep baby North away from any harm involve a pair of his-and-her vehicles. Kim Kardashian will soon have the keys to a $1.2 million armoured SUV called the Prombron Iron Diamond, made to military specifications by Latvian based Dartz Motorz Company.  Read the entire story here.

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  1. Bink

    Kanye should take a lesson from Prince William and relax. Enjoy the baby.

  2. Anonymous

    And people say these two are self absorbed…

  3. Anonymous

    Because I’m sure their spawn is at daily risk of either being blown up or gunned down in the street. Gimme a break.

  4. dorothy

    Vain, narcissistic, self absorbed people.

  5. Anonymous

    Two classless low lifes. That kid is probably ugly anyway.

  6. anonymous

    Probably the best thing he could do for his child is stay out of her life.

  7. Ryan

    Yeah, it sounds ridiculous, but I think most new parents do everything within their means to protect their kids, and he just happens to have a lot of means. No big deal.

  8. LIMom

    I think it’s quite amazing that we get to see pictures of a real future king of England (Baby Prince George) but God forbid we get a glimpse of the baby that these two produced.
    Gotta love reality tv people ( I refuse to call her a star)

  9. Gemi


    I feel so sorry for this child, she doesn’t have a chance in hell.

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