Kevin & Victoria Federline’s Birthday Girl

Kevin and Victoria Federline recently took Jordan and her grandfather out for a birthday meal at King’s Fish House at The Commons in Calabasas, Calif. Jordan turned two on Thursday (August 15).

The couple – who were married in Las Vegas last Saturday (August 10) – wore their wedding rings.

Kevin recently told TMZ that Britney Spears hasn’t congratulated him yet. Is it because she’s upset?

According to the National Enquirer – Britney was upset when she found out the couple married in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas.

“When Britney was told the news, she screamed uncontrollably,” a source said. “Then she collapsed in tears. The wedding caught her by surprise. She wasn’t invited and she didn’t even get a call from Kevin to let her know he was marrying Victoria. Britney had to hear about it from one of K-Fed’s friends after the ceremony was over.

“It was hard for Britney because she’s long suffered from the delusion that she and Kevin would one day get back together and raise their two boys (Sean, 7, and Jayden, 6). Even after Jordan was born, Britney held onto her fantasy of rec­onciliation with Kevin. But the wedding has crushed her, and she’s angry that she definitely won’t be getting Kevin back.”

A far-fetched story right?

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  1. Anonymous

    Out of all 5 of his kids, this one is the least cutest. His other children are beautiful.

  2. amanda

    Why is this child on here? Her parents aren’t celebrities.

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent point. Her father is an out of work moocher and her mother is….well…a NOBODY. Maybe CBS can put my kids on here too.

  4. Kristina

    Is it just me or do Jordan and Harper Beckham kinda look alike? (not that much, but a bit)

  5. Joey

    I don’t think they look anything alike at all. Harper is beautiful. Their eyes are totally different and Jordan has big ears. The only thing the same is maybe the hair color/ponytail. That’s about it.

  6. Kevin

    He looks like a dork with those shorts and shoes…at least he did not wear the white socks….lol

  7. Angel

    Fat ass kid LMAO

  8. Jen

    I find it funny that people say, no one cares about this kid, her parents aren’t celebrities…yet they take the time to open up a post they say they don’t care about to comment about a kid they don’t think should be on here in the first place. Seems like a lot of effort to make a (pointless) point, when you could just bypass the post and keep scrolling.

  9. SiervaMaria

    Say what you will about K-Fed in the negative but remember that even Britney’s parents said he was the one who should have the boys when Britney was melting down. His older kids mom ? Jackson has gone on record stating how hands on he is with their two, AND, when we see him, he’s rarely not engaging in some activity or another with his children. If you’re gonna judge, toss EVERYTHING in the pot. He’s not mooching anymore than if this was a female who got a settlement out of a busted marriage.

  10. sharwah

    very sweet, looks like mummy 🙂

  11. coco

    cute dress! (not the cutest girl, though!)

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