Report: Cacee Cobb & Donald Faison Name Their Son Rocco

It’s been reported that Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison have named their son Rocco. US Weekly say sources confirm the news.

The Kick-Ass 2 actor and best gal pal to Jessica Simpson welcomed their baby on August 15. The actor had tweeted the day after the birth: “Yesterday @caceecobb and I welcomed the most amazing little boy into our lives! Oh Happy Day!!”

Meanwhile Cacee recently joked on Twitter, “I have never enjoyed being sh-t on so much before in my life.”

The couple – who tied the knot in December 2012 – announced that they were expecting their first child together in January with a photo of a tiny T-shirt featuring a baby-sized Star Wars stormtrooper.

“Looks like Donald Faison and I are going to have a little stormtrooper of our own!”, Cacee wrote.

Donald already has four children: fraternal boy-girl twins Dade and Kaya, 13, and son Kobe, 11, with first wife Lisa Askey, and son Sean, 16, from a previous relationship with Audrey Ince.

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  • anne

    What a unique name… Wait no I’ve heard that before! I mean really? Just months after Rocco Prinze?

    • lindsay

      *Rocky Prinze

    • Anonymous

      *Rocky* Prinze arrived almost a year ago.

    • Anonymous

      LOL.. names can’t be repeated? That’s hysterical!

  • Anonymous

    Madonna’s son is Rocco.

  • AvaElizabeth

    thank god, a quite normal name.

    I expected worsed after ace spades uhhhh…. knute.

  • coco

    Is this news relevant?

    • Anonymous

      Well, they’re celebrities, they had a baby, and now they’ve announced their baby’s name. Those are probably the reasons that CBS has chosen to post stories about them. My guess anyway.

      • coco

        And what does this Caccee do to be a celebrity? Besides being Jessica Simpson’s best friend?
        And he just did Scrubs… I mean, he’s a z lister and she’s a “best friend”…

        • AvaElizabeth

          well, I’m from germany, but scrubs is still a big thing here.
          So for me he’s famous 🙂

          She? not.

          • coco

            I liked Scrubs too, but, I mean, he did one single thing from 2001 to 2010, it’s not like he keeps doing interesting things, he’s relatively famous because he did that one nice thing.
            I never knew his name until the news of the pregnancy broke!

        • klutzy_girl

          He’s been in several movies (like Clueless) and is a regular on The Exes on TVLand (which I don’t watch, but still)

        • SiervaMaria

          He’s on one of my favorite shows when I have the chance to catch it called EXES. And more importantly, “if you don’t care, why ask the question?”

        • Anonymous

          coco… You have issues if you don’t think a man who starred on an incredibly popular sitcom for almost TEN YEARS counts as a ‘celebrity’.

          Get over yourself.

          • Anonymous

            And he’s been on ANOTHER pretty popular show for the last 2 years. I think he qualifies!

  • Heather

    Her hair is gorgeous!

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