Jessica Simpson Introduces Son Ace

Meet Ace Knute Johnson.

Mom-of-two Jessica Simpson introduces her adorable new son on the cover of Us Weekly. Looking radiant, the Fashion Star mentor, 33, also poses with daughter Maxwell, 15 months at their home in Hidden Hills, Calif., on August 12.

In the interview, Jessica opens up about becoming a second-time mom, dealing with “hurtful” weight bullies, and family life with fiancé Eric Johnson.

“With two kids, we have our hands full, but every day is a new adventure,” Jessica, who gave birth to Ace via planned C-section on June 30, tells the mag. “It’s fun! I feel very at peace with being a mom.”

The singer-turned-entrepreneur found out she was pregnant with Ace less than six months after giving birth to Maxwell — and she’s feeling “done.”

“Pregnancy is a lot. It was hard to do two so close together,” she shares. “I have this huge sense of accomplishment, and I feel in my heart that I’m done. But obviously, accidents do happen!”

For more from Jessica, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands Friday.

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Photo credit: Us Weekly

  • SMH

    So cute. She looks happy. Maxwell looks like daddy to me! Baby Ace it’s hard to tell. But both beautiful babies!

  • Anonymous

    She is beautiful considering she looks like her ugly father.

    • sharwah

      i think hes hot……i must like the scruffy look

  • kao

    “accidents do happen” lol..waiting for the next article to say “” jessica simpson pregnant with 3 child!”
    birth control honey! if you dont want another baby,Birth control! it really does work!!

    • Anonymous

      “birth control honey! if you dont want another baby,Birth control! it really does work!!”
      You say that like its 100% foolproof. One can be on birth control but accidents can still happen.

      • SMH

        Yes, it’s true you can still get pregnant on birth control but most people who do are not taking it correctly. Secondly, a baby is not an accident. When your having sex you can get pregnant no matter what form of contraception you are on. My friend in highschool’s older 1/2 sibling got pregnant 3 months after having her tubes tied! Again not 100% full proof. The only sure way to NOT get knocked up is abstinence!

        • Jenna

          Agreed, a baby can never really be an “accident”. That is like saying you decided to have spicy chile for dinner and “accidentally” got heartburn later.

      • kao

        accidents do happen..but if birth control is taken properly it can be very very effect! im just saying…if she doesnt want to have another child,atleast anytime soon…then maybe she should take birth control or get him fixed 😉
        otherwise dont get so crazy shocked when you find out your pregnant again..if you have sex theres a huge possibly you might get pregnant

  • elizabeth

    adorable! she looks so happy

  • Missy

    Maxwell is gorgeous!
    I think Ace looks a bit like his sister, they have the same lips.

    • Angel

      Stop lying you idiot. Maxwell is FAR from gorgeous.

  • AvaElizabeth

    still find the name horrible.
    remindes me on ‘ace of spades’.

  • sam

    sold – to the highest bidder!

  • Joey

    The name Maxwell is ugly too for a girl. You must admit the Simpson sisters are horrible at selecting names for their kids.

  • Anonymous

    “obviously, accidents do happen”. How come she never managed to get pregnant with Nick Lachey or John Mayer or anyone else she slept with? Accident by a**. Don’t use birth control and you may get pregnant; it’s not rocket science.

  • Kristina

    I’m not a friend of planned c-sections….. Anyway, congrats!

    • Anonymous

      How can you even say that? You have no idea why the c-section was planned.

    • mel

      What a strange comment….obviously you’ve been fortunate enough to have had problem and complication – free pregnancies (or maybe you are just ignorant). Planned sections happen for many reasons — previous c-section births, breech, pre-eclampsia, the list goes on.

      • Anonymous10

        Well, but why would they say it was a planned c-section without explaining it then? They could: 1) say nothing 2) say it was a c-section for medical reasons – and not going into details

        If they just say it was a planned c-section they give the impression that it was done because it was an “easy” way therefore sending the WRONG message to women.

        • Twinks

          You obviously have not had a c-section if you think they are easy.

  • Lu

    ace ventura and james maxwell

    • Anonymous


  • Angel

    Maxwell looks disgusting. What’s with that smile? Is she retarded? Yeah that’s it.

  • Angel

    Maxwell is hideous.

  • Anabelle

    Us Weekly? Classy.

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