Alec Baldwin’s Street Scuffle

Protective papa alert!

30 Rock star Alec Baldwin got into, yet another, scuffle with a paparazzo when arriving home with wife Hilaria and their newborn daughter Carmen in New York City on Tuesday (August 27). The actor, 55, grabbed and shoved veteran photographer Paul Adao and pinned him to the hood of an unmarked Manhattan Robbery Squad vehicle.

After the police arrived on the scene, both parties admitted to pushing and shoving each other and decided not to press charges.

Sources said Hilaria, who was on one of her first public outings since giving birth August 23, sought refuge in a tea shop.

Last summer Alec was involved in a brawl with a photographer who questioned him about a lawsuit regarding Hilaria.

Alec has been fighting off the ever-present paparazzi since the birth of his now 17-year-old daughter Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

“You have been born into one crazy family,” Ireland wrote in an open letter to her baby sis. “You are both lucky and cursed at the same time.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

  • Albus

    I remember he spent the night in jail when Ireland was born after getting to a paparazzo who tried to take a picture of back then baby Ireland. This is nothing but a dejavu lol.

  • Alyson

    Well the paps know he has a short temper, so I can only imagine the things they say and do to poke at him for a reaction. Some people just dont have the patience to let it slide. I’d be protective over a newborn as well. Poor thing, she (the baby) has her whole life to deal with the press.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree what did Ireland do for him to go crazy on her, or the airline stuartist or she ask him to do was turn off his phone, or the journalist and many other people. He was even seen and photograph yelling at his wife, the man is a complete rage monster.

      Lets face it he married the wrong woman becuase she love the paparizzi attention.

      • Alyson

        I did say he has a short temper. My point was this is not the first time we have seen a celebrity lash out on a paparazzi. Colin Farrell, Lily Allen, Chris Martin, Kayne West, etc…the list goes on and on. Don’t have the details on what happened here but the paps do over-step the line many times.

        • Anonymous

          Putting your hands on someone is also over-stepping the lines.

          He been in the business for years and know dealing with the Paps are a part of it and how they want to get a reaction out of you. There is always the option of walking away or hiring a bodyguard who will but that space in between him/his family and the Paps so thing like this wont happen. Yet Alec has done non of these thing, make you wonder if he gets off on being a rage monster.

  • Annie

    The guy is a rage ball of testosterone. It may seem cute that he’s protecting his wife and child, but who knows if his anger will turn against them one day.
    My granny always said: “Never trust a man than treats you like a princess over diner, but is a jerk with the waitress”.

    By the way, Hilaria’s postpartum style is the bomb!

  • Anonymous


  • Heather

    His temper does seem to get the better of him. But if you are so afraid of your wife being bothered 2 days after giving birth, maybe don’t go out 2 days after? I mean, if you are married to a celebrity you have to realize this is going to happen right after you give birth. I’m not saying she shouldn’t ever go out, but it is different than for us non celebrities.

    • Anonymous

      It shouldn’t be, though.

  • Anon

    What an ass. He should have just walked past them into the building and let it go. He just wanted to cause a scene and get his name in the press again.

  • Someone

    Hello nursing boobies! lol

  • Jj

    The guy is a jackass! He called his own child a pig.

    • anonymous

      Oh please – another one still bringing up that little incident from 8 years ago. Are you nuts? Even Ireland says it was nothing.

      • Jj

        What? Because it happened 8 years ago, that makes it ok? The guy is a jackass and that incident is the only thing that showed what kind of a person he is!

  • anonymous

    This one was harassing Hilaria and she ran into a shop. I know these paps are less than dirt but Alec really should just put on a straight face and not give them anything. That’s what they want. He won’t get anywhere by getting physically involved with them and they will do their utmost to turn it into a trip to the hospital in an ambulance with a lawsuit following close behind. Let the scum yell but don’t acknowledge them.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever been hounded and harassed by the paparazzi? No? I didn’t think so. If you’re ever in NYC or LA, and you get the chance to witness how they behave, you will NEVER think it’s the celebrity’s fault again.

      • Anonymous

        Really Anonymous then why do 95% of celebrities just ignore them and only 5% react to them.

        They make choses to walk away or act like a jacka$$ by reacting to them. Unforchantly It’s the price of fame if they can’t stand the heat then they should look for other job.

        Alec as said some very nasty things about gay people but whould that give a person who is gay the right to but their hands on him because they didn’t like what he said no.

  • Jane

    Paparazzi really need to have strict controls put on them. it is dispicable what they are allowed to get away with. If anyone else stalked or hounded another human being they would face charges and yet this lot can do as they please! Why???!!!

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