Joey Fatone On Marriage: “You Need To Be Understanding”

We loved watching Joey Fatone take the stage with Justin Timberlake and the rest of the N’sync gang during MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday. Outside of this much-talked-about reunion, the Dancing With The Stars contestant and renowned entertainer is now stepping into the limelight with My Family Recipe Rocks, a new show for the Live Well Network that aims to bring families together over meals.

The former N’sync member recently chatted with Cupid’s Pulse about his new show and how he puts his newly-honed culinary skills to good use at home by cooking for his wife, Kelly, and their two daughters, Briahna, 12, and Kloey, 3. The family man also revealed that “understanding” is the secret to his strong marriage!

On encountering new foods on My Family Recipe Rocks: “It’s really cool to see things I’ve never seen or would have thought of, like baba ganoush.”

On cooking for his family at home: “I’ve made a lot of recipes from the show for my family. If I don’t have the recipe, I always try to figure it out and remember what it was made of.”

On the secret to his strong marriage: “Its not easy. You need to be understanding. You’ve got to balance your career and home life, and you have to spend time with the kids.”

On his career experiences: “Being a semi-finalist on Dancing With The Stars was fun, and performing with legends like Michael Jackson and Celine Dion was equally awesome. It’s just been really amazing.”

To see the entire interview. visit Cupid’s Pulse.

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