Giuliana Rancic: “This Year Has Been Incredible”

Reality stars Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic are celebrating their son’s first birthday today (August 29). The proud new mom – who is teaming up with Huggies to give LA families in need clean diapers – says that motherhood has been “incredible” and changed her in “more ways than expected.”

Giuliana opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about baby Duke, “working mom guilt,” their hopes for another baby and “definitely” using a surrogate again.

CBS: Tell us about teaming up with Huggies to give LA families in need clean diapers. Tell us about the need of diapers and how we can help out with their Huggies Rewards Points program.

GR: “Yes! We just announced that Huggies will donate 1 million diapers this year to Baby2Baby and Los Angeles-area families. It’s alarming that one in three women can’t provide clean diapers for their children, and the fact that Huggies is giving back and saying, ‘That is not acceptable and we want to help’ is a very powerful message. I am so happy to be a part of it. I also went to a big birthday event that Huggies Snug & Dry and Baby2Baby did together with LA families. It’s just great. I love being able to give back, especially to mothers and their families. That is very important to me. My baby also uses Huggies, so that’s helpful too!

To help out with the Huggies Rewards Points program, you can go to and do these fun free games and challenges. Every time you complete one of the challenges or games, Huggies donates a diaper on your behalf. What’s great too is that if you put in your zip code, the diaper will be donated to your community. This is really special because we do things like this to give back, but a lot of us want to ensure it’s going back into our own communities. Huggies took note of that and is giving us the chance to do that.”

CBS: Happy Birthday to baby Duke! How has this past year been for you? How has motherhood changed you?

GR: “It’s been really incredible. We struggled for so many years to have a baby, and now that it has come true we really enjoy each and every moment with Duke. This year has been incredible and also tough. I wouldn’t say this has been the most challenging year, because my most challenging year was when I had breast cancer. However, it has been a challenging time, because I love my baby so much and want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to ensure he’s safe, healthy, and happy. Bill and I have given it our all this year and it’s been a lot of work. At the same time, it’s been incredibly rewarding and we’ve loved every minute of it.

How hasn’t motherhood changed me? It’s changed me in more ways than I expected, aside from just cutting my hair [laughs]. I cut my hair shorter because baby Duke’s little sticky fingers were getting stuck in it all the time. Motherhood has changed me in so many ways. For example, I now don’t let little things bother me and I really realized that the most important things in life are my baby’s health and happiness, and my husband’s as well. Every night when I pray, I pray for good health and happiness for my family. That’s all that matters. My priorities have completely shifted, and all I really care about now is my family’s well-being.”

CBS: How has this past year been for Bill? How has fatherhood changed him?

GR: “The year has been good for Bill. He is someone who loves to sleep, so he’s really felt the lack of sleep…I don’t think he saw that coming. At the same time, he is such a great dad. He told me that he’s never realized how much he could love someone. He just adores Duke and kisses him all day long. Duke is Bill’s little boy, and they have this great father and son bond that’s really special to watch.”

CBS: We saw that you celebrated Duke’s birthday earlier than his actual birthday on August 29. Why did you celebrate early? Are you planning on having another party?

GR: “We are headed to Chicago to spend his actual birthday at Bill’s family’s lake house. We are going to go water-skiing and tubing, and Duke has tons of cousins there. We also celebrated early here, because Duke has all these little friends and playmates. I also have a lot of friends with kids here, so we wanted to do a party with them.”

CBS: Last time we chatted, you talked about working mom guilt. Do you still suffer?

GR: “I don’t have as much working mom guilt as I did before. It is definitely still there, but I’ve learned to manage it. Talking to other moms and getting their tips really helped. Once you have a child, the months pass and suddenly you’re at the end of the first year. During this time, you have a lot of conversations with other moms. By now, I feel more at ease and I find comfort in numbers. I know that millions of women go through what I go through every day, and we just do it. We all manage it and find some way to do it. I feel good in knowing that there are many other women out there like me.”

CBS: What is your best tip for balancing a busy career and motherhood?

GR: “The best tip I learned was from a life coach who was on our show a couple of weeks ago. I had all this guilt and the life coach told me that when you’re at work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, you need to devote 100% to work. This means no surfing the web for pajamas for Duke or looking at new strollers. I really have to devote 100% so that when I leave, I leave knowing that I did all my work for the day. When I go home, I have to put away the phone and devote 100% to the baby. That’s what I do now. Before, I would leave work stressed out because I hadn’t finished what I needed to do. I would sometimes surf the web and call up Kidville in Brentwood to ask which classes Duke should take. Instead, now I focus 100% on work when I’m at work so that once I’m at home, I focus 100% on Duke. Once he’s asleep, then I get online and start looking at the Kidville classes and which diapers and strollers are the best choices. I balance everything that way and it’s really worked.”

CBS: We hear you and Bill are hoping for baby No. 2 soon. Are you using another surrogate? The same surrogate? Going another route?

GR: “We used a surrogate the first time because of the breast cancer, and I am in a situation where I can’t be pregnant, as it can fuel the cancer. If we want to have another child, we would definitely need to use a surrogate. It’s a great alternative and it was a wonderful experience for us. We loved our surrogate and could not have been happier with the whole situation. She did a terrific job and now she’s like a member of our family. We would use her if she was open to being our surrogate again, but we haven’t had that conversation yet. She is honestly terrific and we wouldn’t have changed a thing about the whole experience. It was great.”

CBS: What else have you been up to?

GR: “I have a clothing line on HSN and was recently on their show for 24 hours. It was very exciting, because my line was actually the biggest debut of any new line last year. When you have a successful line, they do something called ‘Today’s Special,’ where they devote an entire day to one of your items. I launched a new blazer at midnight, because that’s when they launched the ‘Today’s Special’ show. I was on-air from midnight to two in the morning, then at seven, ten, eleven, and four in the afternoon. It’s crazy how they did it! It was the first time I’ve done it and what’s exciting about it is that when you’re lucky enough to get a line at HSN, the ultimate goal is to get the line featured on ‘Today’s Special.’ I am so excited about that and made sure I knew everything about the blazer and everything people would care about knowing.

This week I’ll be in Chicago for Duke’s birthday, so I’m ver excited to spend some downtime with the family!”

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  • Well …its good to read things like that!! It just change regular people thoughts in many ways !!!

  • cb

    i like G, but she doesnt seem very maternal to me. On their show, she comes across as fake. While Bill on the other hand comes across as a wonderful dad ! He seems to spend more time with Duke and more time taking care of him. While G is always jetting off here and there.

  • Syl

    I agree with the above comment, Guiliana does come across fake. She always look so uncomfortable with Duke. She puts her job first. It would be nice to see her make more of an effort to be a mother, like attempting to cook and interacting with her son. Bill comes across more like the more caring, real parent.

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