Jennifer Lopez & Emme: Back To School Shopping

Jennifer Lopez and Emme went clothes shopping at Gymboree in Calabasas, Calif. on Sunday (September 1).  There was a slight scare when the pair were in the parking lot. When Emme was about to dart into oncoming traffic – mom quickly yanked her daughter by the ponytail and stopped her in her tracks.

The day before Emme had a play date with a friend. The 5-year-old was seen walking arm-in-arm with her pal and wearing a Hello Kitty shirt.

The American Idol judge has opened up on her insecurities as a performer.

She revealed, “It was after I had kids to be honest . . . The biggest insecurity I had was my singing. Even though I had sold 70 million records, there was this feeling like, I’m not good at this. And while I was married to Marc, he helped me get over it. He kept telling me, ‘You’re the only one holding yourself back from reaching your full potential as a singer. You have to let go. I was always so insecure and just kind of going along. Then I grew, little by little, and realized, wait a minute, this is not a fluke. I’m not a mistake — I work my ass off. And I know what I’m doing.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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I’m sorry, but this poor little girl is so unfortunate looking.


Don’t be sorry, she’s ugly and no amount of designer clothes or accessories can cover that. However, she is a fortunate little girl in that she appears to have a loving mother and is happy.


Actually this little girl has a great look. She will have wonderfully striking features as she gets older. But above all, she is just a little girl, unaware that there are louse such as you in the world that see nothing wrong with posting such a comment.
Shame on you.


Can you imagine going online and reading about what people think of the physical appearance of your 5-year old?? Me neither.


She’s not unfortunate looking you twit. She’s like most people on the planet, average looking.


This might seem cruel but its the truth; Jennifer Lopez looks like the hired help in this photo. Oh how the mighty have fallen, she’s now at regular human being status 😉


She looks like a normal person running to the store with her kid. There’s nothing wrong with that.


Most of you are being hypocrites! This kid is not cute, and yeah, it’s wrong to say it, but is thé truth!


Poor Emme is so unattractive.