Teri Hatcher & Emerson: Lunch In L.A.

Teri Hatcher and her 15-year-old daughter Emerson grabbed lunch at Charlie’s Pantry in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (September 4).

The two are close and spend a lot of time together. In July they went on vacation to Croatia.

The 48-year-old actress recently talked about aging.

She told British OK!, “We cannot avoid the unavoidable – we all age. I want to feel beautiful and sexy, it’s hard. I could look back at covers of magazines that I’ve done and go, ‘Oh, I don’t look like that anymore.’ But I didn’t look like that when I did the cover of that magazine either! We are all kidding ourselves.”

The Planes star added, “I have not been shy, although I certainly never wanted to come off like I am screaming at the top of my lungs about, my own decision to not do Botox, to not have face lifts all of that. It is hard for everybody to be a good member of society and to do whatever you have to do. I don’t judge anybody.”

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