Eight Effective Ways To Soothe A Fussy Baby

If you’re a new parent, you probably always hope and pray that baby stays calm and happy at all times. An agitated, fussy baby causes stress and anxiety for new parents in all situations, but sometimes the wails erupt at a moment’s notice. This may make you wonder: What are the best ways I can soothe my baby if the crying starts?

Difrax baby products company owner Vivienne Van Eijkelenborg brainstormed the best tips for pacifying baby and keeping the crying at bay:

  • Move. Babies are used to constant movement while in the utero, so they almost always calm down once you start moving. Some finicky babies might require certain positions while moving, so work with them. If baby is in the stroller, push it back and forth. Find a bouncy seat that can also rock, and strap baby to your chest with a baby carrier when you walk around. Whatever the mode of transportation, keep your fussy baby moving.
  • Swaddle. Whether you do it the old fashioned way with a regular blanket or with a new age fancy swaddling blanket, babies love to be snuggled tight. Although it may look uncomfortable to an adult, swaddling fussy babies tight with a blanket works wonders.
  • Hold your baby. Don’t worry; you are not going to “spoil your child.” It is good to hold a crying baby and show love, comfort, and safety in mom’s arms. Don’t be afraid– go ahead and pick up your crying child.
  • Rub baby’s tummy. Your baby might be experiencing gas or tummy trouble. Place baby in the crook of your legs and rub her bare tummy. Make sure baby isn’t flat on her back, as this might create more pain. Oftentimes, just the sense of touch will calm your tot, but you might also help remove some of those painful bubbles.
  • Distract your child. Play Peek-a-boo, place baby in front of a mirror, provide her favorite toy, or take baby to new scenery like the backyard or a different room in the house. Ceiling fans also work miracles.
  • White noise. Try turning on a fan or a sound machine. Often, babies calm down when they hear something other than themselves.
  • Alone time. If all else fails, put your baby in her crib and let her have some alone time. Sometimes they just need to scream, and the best thing you can do is separate yourself. Feel free to check on her as often as you need, but eventually your child will stop crying, either because of exhaustion or boredom.
  • Give baby a pacifier. When the fussiness and crying starts, give baby a pacifier to suck on. It works wonders! Difrax offers a 3-stage pacifier system ideal for each stage of baby’s development. The pacifiers are designed with fashionable, bold, and colorful patterns that are sure to evoke happiness in little tots. The pacifiers come in two styles, Classic (resembles a mother’s breast and is perfect for babies who turn the pacifier around in their mouths) and Orthodontic (stimulates muscle/palate development).

Vivienne Van Eijkelenborg is the owner of Difrax, a Dutch baby products company that pioneered the 3-stage pacifier system designed to accommodate each stage of baby’s development with newborn to 6 month, 6 + month an 18+ month sizes. Difrax offers innovative, stylish, and trendy products that make the lives of babies and their parents as convenient and as pleasant as possible.

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Autumn Brown

You say six ways but you have listed eight . . . 😉