Wendy Williams On Working With Husband, Top Girlfriend Tips

Actress, author, and daytime TV talk show host Wendy Williams has sure been one busy mama! The mom-of-one, to son Kevin Jr., 11,  is in the midst of the fourth season of The Wendy Williams Show and she just signed a two-book deal, which she says she’s “very excited about.”

Working Mother recently caught up with Wendy Williams about what it is like working with her husband and how she manages everything at home. The no-nonsense talk show host also revealed how she discusses hot topics with her son, and she also shared her greatest Girlfriend Tips!

On what it’s like to work with her husband, Kevin, on The Wendy Williams Show: “Kevin is one of the show’s executive producers and also my manager. But when we met 18 years ago, he was simply a guy and I was a girl. We have a great working relationship.”

On how she manages everything at home: “I’m the primary family caregiver. I know when Little Kev needs his braces tightened, and I go to parent/teacher conferences.”

On how she handles hot topics with her son: “There’s not a question I won’t answer. Nothing’s taboo, and because of that, we have a great relationship.”

On how the show and her have changed: “It’s really been a transformation for both. We’re in a brand-new studio, and we’re all feeling more confident in our roles. I’m ready to stretch my wings a bit—for a while, I’ve wanted to add layers to the show, and I also wanted to get back into writing.”

On her greatest career satisfaction: “I love having someone—whether a celebrity or a ‘regular’ person—warm up to me and tell her story.”

On her greatest Girlfriend Tips: “Choose your circle well. Don’t listen to every mom, because your experiences won’t be the same. Pick friends in the same area as you—at both school and work. They’ll get what you’re going through.”

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