Reese Witherspoon’s Beautiful Brood

Built in babysitter!

Reese Witherspoon proudly walked beside her oldest and her youngest in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (September 7). Her stunning daughter Ava, who turns 14 on Monday, toted her sweet son Tennessee, 11 months, as they stopped by the Brentwood Country Mart. 

And on Labor Day (September 2), Reese was seen with husband Jim Toth and her 9-year-old son Deacon. The trio stepped out for some quick groceries in Santa Monica.

Reese co-parents her older kids with ex-husband, fellow actor Ryan Phillippe.

Watch for the actress, 37, to hit the big screen in her upcoming films: The Good Lie and Inherent Vice.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

  • KylieZ

    just thinking that two months ago Ava was one inch smaller than Reese, and now she is one inch taller than her! #growingupfast #omg (but only 5’2″ actually)

  • SiervaMaria

    In these photos I have say Ava is gorgeous. I haven’t always thought that. I did always believe she and her brother(s) were attractive kids but in this pic set? She’s a knockout.

    • Louise

      I think what’s so beautiful about her is not ‘attractiveness’, I wouldn’t call her a ‘knockout’ but she has this sweet look in her eyes

  • Peter

    That fake smug smile is getting on my nerves. People like Witherspoon thinks that they can disrespect the police because of their status and is fine with their spouse drunk driving. This will never go away.

    • jool

      YOu again? …..

      • anonymous

        Yeah Him again. Ten to one he’s a Reese Witherspoon stalker and pretty much goes to every site featuring a photo of her to make some snide comment.
        Unfortunately I think we’ll be hearing snarky commentary from this man on every post about Ms. Witherspoon until the end of days. (Or until he finds someone else to obsess over)

        • Anonymous

          I also noticed that he goes through and turns all of the “thumbs ups” into “thumbs downs” and vice versa. 🙂
          Get a life dude!

    • Anon

      Oh YAWN already!

  • Missy

    I love the way she dresses her kids, they always look great.
    Ava turned into a really beautiful young woman.
    Baby Tennessee looks so much like his father!

    • Kathy

      I will say Reese makes beautiful children. Ava, Deacon and Tennessee are among the most beautiful children in Hollywood. Also whoever she hired as her stylist is worth every penny. Reese always looks nice and really pulled together.

  • Natalie

    Ava’s a beautiful girl.

  • Bloost

    “Do you know my name?” Let’s see: Smug? Entitled? Rude?

    • Lulu

      Change your screen name all you want but we know its still you, Peter.

  • Lulu

    They are such a beautiful family.
    Tennessee is so adorable. I love the photos of Ava holding him.

  • Ali-Spain

    Ava has been always pretty, but now she is gorgeous! she has his dad eyes.
    Super cute trio!

  • your mom

    Love Ava’s outfit!

  • Meliss

    Beautiful Ava! Makes me wonder what I’ll do when my Vivienne is taller I. Thank God I have at least a decade before that happens. From what I can tell, Reese has done a great job with her kids. Adorable and always age-appropriate.

    • Anonymous

      You think Ava’s shorts are “age appropriate”? They’re a little short for my taste.

      • Meliss

        She’s got a long, lean body. My younger cousins are built like that and it’s a cute look (coupled with the right top). If she were wearing heels and a bustier then no. It’s about how you carry yourself and what flatters your shape.

      • Anon

        Your taste doesn’t determine “age appropriate”. Leave her alone.

  • coco

    Cute family and gorgeous girl. Ava’s looking more and more like her dad, while earlier she was only Reese.
    Just saying, if Lily Depp was wearing that outfit everybody would have screamed at her!

    • musiclover

      Yeah, not true. .. there is nothing wrong with this outfit! Unlike Lily’s outfit, Ava isn’t showing any cleavage or belly. How can you even compare the two?

  • SMH

    Ava is beautiful. And Tennessee is a cutie pie! I think she dresses appropriately for 14 and remember you buy what is SOLD in stores. Most of the time it’s shorts that are too short!

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