Adam Sandler & His California Girls

Adam Sandler and his girls Sunny, 4, and Sadie, 7, went to the gym together in Culver City, Calif. on Saturday (September 7).

The Grownups 2 actor turns 47 today (September 9).

Sandler’s next movie will be with Drew Barrymore in The Familymoon. According to – marketing had changed the title from Blended because they liked it better.

The story follows a couple that, after a terrible blind date, find themselves and their children from past marriages stuck together at a resort for families. The movie is scheduled to come out on May 23, 2014.

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  • Anonymous

    Sadie is a mini Amy Winehouse, cute.

    • Anon

      I think she looks EXACTLY like her Daddy!

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately shes not a very cute girl. Sorry, just my opinion.

    • Jessicad

      If you were sorry you wouldn’t even post such a nasty comment, and why not own your words and stop posting anonymously? And shame on this site for not blocking comments like that, she’s an innocent child.

      • coco

        what makes her less innocent in commenting her appearance? I’s not offending, it’s politely said.
        And it’s the truth.

        • Anonymous

          Dear coco,

          Please allow me to express that your personality has degraded over time and you are now one of the least pleasant commenters on this site. Kindly shove your ever so lovely “opinions” up your arse.

          Politely yours,

    • Anonymous

      That’s not an opinion, that’s an insult.

      Learn the difference.

  • Joey

    I’m not Anonymous and I don’t think she’s cute either. People are entitled to their own opinion.

    • Angel Eyes

      It’s true you are entitled to your own opinion, but if it’s not a nice one, you should keep it to yourself. How would you feel if someone was calling you ugly online? And plus, she’s just a child.

  • Sicco

    The little one looks like she’s from a different father.
    At least he knows the bigger girl is his.

  • Jen

    The younger one is really pretty. I just think the older one looks just like her dad, but I’d feel bad saying she wasn’t cute, just because as a teen she will have enough insecurities and to see all the internet stuff about her looks? That would sting. Maybe she’ll grow into her features but the most important thing is that she’s happy.

  • Shan

    The comments about the little girl (the older one) are ignorant. She’s a pretty girl and if she has a great personality and confidence in who she is she’ll be even better! She’s not a celebrity and doesn’t desire to be in the public eye (she didn’t choose it…people act as though taking a picture of a innocent child and plastering it all over the place for profit because of the child’s parent is they are intited to.) ….she doesn’t need to fit into societies warped perception of beauty and perfection.

  • Sicco

    creeps commenting/ stalkers

  • coco

    it must be a bug…

  • Ryan

    It may be rude to point out that a little kid looks awkward or homely, but saying nothing at all can speak volumes to kids who see and hear other kids being described as beautiful, pretty, or gorgeous all the time. Maybe all comments on looks should stop.

    • coco

      Well, we are on a gossip website, which is the quintessential of frivolous stuff. So I guess it’s all or nothing: either you come here and you accept every opinion politely expressed and you politely express your own, or you just decide that you don’t like these virtual places and don’t visit them anymore. 🙂

      Comments on someone’s look can be very hurtful in real life, and in fact I don’t go to every person I know to say “you’re ugly”, or “you’re beautiful”, or “you’re cute, but your friend is cuter”.
      BUT we all have ideas of beauty, so I guess a gossip website is the right place where we can be express the (otherwise rude) beauty comments that we all make in our heads.

  • Alina

    I think Sadie looks like Suri Cruise in the first photo.

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