Jennifer Garner: Market Shoppin’ With The Kids

Jennifer Garner had her hands full taking all three children Violet, 7, Seraphina, 4, and Samuel, 18 months, to the farmers market in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday (September 15).

At one point Seraphina looked really excited when mom looked like she was going to buy her a cupcake.

On Saturday (September 14) – Jennifer and Violet were seen going to the library in Brentwood.

The actress supports hubby Ben Affleck playing Batman in the next Man of Steel sequel.

US magazine reports she told MTV News, “You know, I was excited for him. I was excited because he had a real take on what he wanted to do.”

She added, “I have to say, my husband is a pretty great storyteller himself, and I’m excited to watch him do it.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI


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  1. Kim

    I see the resemblance between Jennifer and Samuel in these pictures.

    • cyndy

      Yeah – they are both distressed and agitated by the aggressive paps.

      • caitlin

        Very true Cyndy. I saw the video footage of this and found it VERY disturbing. The photos do not tell the whole story, that’s for sure. The paps were swarming Jen & her kids like rabid monkeys — in the farmer’s market, one of them even bent down right in front of Jen’s small son when he was walking around. It must be very frightening for the kids to have all these loud, aggressive men stalking and harassing them….

  2. anna

    samuel is wearing batman t-shirt!! he must be proud of his papa.. cute!

  3. Jen

    Why do celebs buy those expensive alien looking strollers (I can’t remember what they’re called). You’d think they’d spend their money on something not so ridiculous, since a kid isn’t going to use the stroller for more than a few years. But it’s their money so I shouldn’t judge. But I still think it’s ridiculous.

  4. Moo

    Oh, Violet with her mums dimples, carrying her little baby carrier. Bless,

  5. Anonymous

    The worst dressed kids in Hollywood.

  6. Mary

    She looks pregnant to me. Lovely family.

  7. Marie

    Jennifer said that her youngest is scared to death of the paps, and this certainly shows it. Such a shame, why is this family targeted so much? I just don’t get it. I love how the kids dress comfortable and normal, not some outrageous expensive designer clothes.

  8. Tiffany

    If I was a little kid and I see that man in picture 3 following me and taking pictures, I would be a bit distraught too!

  9. Heather

    I know this is a celebrity baby website but what a shame that you posted these pics! The mother looks angry and two of the kids are scared!!!! How horrible. Jeez. Really, we won’t die if we go a few days or a week without seeing a pic of them! I’m pretty sure most of us would rather see the occasional glimpse rather than the sheer horror show that the paps make her outing to the market!!!!!!!!

  10. Joey

    Paps are pigs, they don’t care about anything but getting a picture regardless of the situation.

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