Rachel Zoe & Skyler: An Uplifting Day

Rachel Zoe and Skyler were seen out  in New York City, New York on Friday (September 13). The 2-year-old had a big smile while being swung by the arms.

The day before Zoe was seen out by herself clutching her handbag to her belly. The expectant mom recently told E! News that Skyler isn’t too excited about getting a sibling.

She joked, “He understands a little and I don’t think he is that happy about it. He does not want to share his mommy. He doesn’t even want to share his mommy with his daddy, you know? He’s a little possessive.”

The morning Rachel was set to debut her Spring 2014 collection – she had time to have breakfast with her son. She said, “It takes your mind into that and away from this.”

Asked about her pregnancy she said, “Listen, nothing is more your friend, as a pregnant woman, than a caftan. Especially a light chiffon one.”

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  • Mary

    He is such a beautiful little boy. I cannot wait to see what she is having, Skyler will end up loving his baby brother or sister and will end up possessive of them more.

  • anonymous

    It may take a while. Sometimes it is not safe to leave the baby with the older sibling as there could be some slapping and pinching going on when Mommy is out of the room. Yes, it happens more than you think. Jealousy is a very powerful emotion.

  • wendy

    It never ceases to amaze me that she calls herself a stylist yet has no clue on how to dress appropriately herself. Case in point – those dangerously long pants!

  • Anonymous

    Rachel looks a mess her chest area is just scary.

  • coco

    She looks more like a grandma that a mum. A part from the fact that she looks very old, it’s also the detachment with which she handles him. As if she’s a grandma taking him out for an ice cream once a week.

    • Anonymous

      You are such an awful person. She NEVER looks “detached” from this child. Why you felt the need to post something so hurtful is beyond my comprehension.

      • cyndy

        She “looks” like a grandma because she is old enough to be his grandma and looks much older than her supposed biological age, sherlock.

        • InTouch

          Can you read? Anonymous didn’t say anything about coco’s nasty comment on Zoe’s “look”. She commented on coco’s nasty comment on Zoe’s alleged detachment from her son.

  • sierra

    Rachel clearly starves herself. It just doesn’t seem like she’s healthy to have a baby, but that’s the way she was with skyler too. I just wish she would put on some weight :/

  • Anonymous

    I know rachel Zoe is thin and has always been, but it’s crazy to me that she looks thinner than normal while she is pregnant. I don’t get how she does it!

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