Elisabeth Röhm: Jennifer Love Hewitt Will “Be An Amazing Mom”

Actress, author and activist Elisabeth Röhm has teamed up with women’s sneaker and sandal brand Therafit to drive funds for the American Red Cross. During the month of September, for every purchase of Therafit’s red athletic sneaker, Therafit will donate $20 to the Red Cross. Additionally, Therafit is offering a $20 discount to consumers.

Elisabeth opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the campaign, her 5-year-old daughter Easton who just started kindergarten, and her former Client List costar Jennifer Love Hewitt whom she says will “be an amazing mom.”

CBS: Tell us about teaming up with Therafit and the American Red Cross. What is the campaign all about and why is it important to you? How can we get involved?

ER: “Therafit has an incredible understanding of the idea of community and disaster relief, which is what the American Red Cross provides in the states and internationally. It is amazing to partner with Therafit on this program. With their sneaker and design, Therafit is a wonderful shoe that’s really great for both everyday life and working out. Their partnership with the American Red Cross is such an amazing partnership. I’ve worked with the Red Cross for a long time and I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the partnership.

To get involved, you can go to Therafitshoe.com and buy a pair of line’s special RED Deborah sneakers, as every pair automatically donates $20 to the American Red Cross. During the campaign, you can also take $20 off the RED Deborah sneakers! The shoes are normally $95, but during this time you can get them for $75. That is incredible. The shoes are beautiful and so comfortable; I’ve been on crutches for a while, as I pulled my calf muscle while running, and I’ve been wearing the shoes every single day.”

CBS: How is Easton doing? Did she just start kindergarten? If so, how is that going? Does she like school?

ER: “She started kindergarten on Monday. It was a long summer, so she’s excited to go to school. Mommy is excited too [laughs]! Luckily for her, she’s going back to the school where she went to the previous year, so she has some friends there. We are all so excited and are gearing up for a year where there will be homework and real tangible learning.”

CBS: What is Easton into? Do you have her enrolled in anything (dance, gymnastics, etc)?

ER: “She loves to ride horses and swim, and volleyball is her favorite sport to play. She also likes to collect rocks and is a total lover of interesting rocks and gems. Recently, she wanted me to take her to a gem store and was so fascinated by all of the different precious stones. Lucky for me, she has a hobby that’s incredibly expensive [laughs].”

CBS: You’ve recently wrapped your role as Taylor Berkhalter on The Client List. Before leaving the show, did you give Jennifer Love Hewitt any pregnancy advice? How about any motherhood advice? What kind of mom do you think she’ll be?

ER” “No, I just told her to get pregnant as soon as possible. Being pregnant was the greatest path I took and will always remain the best part of my life. I am happy for her and know she will be an incredible mom. One of the things I saw while working for her is that she is a mom to so many people already. She produces the show, writes the show, and she’s a natural nurturer. She’s going to be an amazing mom.”

CBS: What kind of feedback are you getting from your recent book, Baby Steps? Have you already started to plan for another book? Similar topics?

ER: “Honestly, the feedback has been really nice, such as the feedback I received from Katie Couric and The Today Show. The book deals with a subject I care a lot about; educating the reproductive generation on being prepared. I felt that this was a subject that needed to be discussed and made less taboo. Oftentimes, difficult subjects are not discussed and they have feelings of shame associated with them. This was a subject that was not really talked about; it is becoming an open subject, but I think it can be even more so. I feel like there is a reader for it and a need for this subject to be more open to discussion.

I have not started writing another book, but I am contemplating a few ideas. Right now I am focused on getting Easton back in school, writing my blog for People, and promoting the amazing partnership between Therafit and the American Red Cross. I am sure that at some point I will start working on writing another book.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

ER: “Next is the fall, so I am getting back into mindset of what to do next professionally. I just finished doing the book tour and was in Boston for a couple of months with David O. Russell doingAmerican Hustle, so I sort of enjoyed the summer and tried to figure out what’s next.”

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