Happy 4th Birthday Charlotte Prinze!

Name: Charlotte Grace Prinze

Date of Birth: September 19, 2009

Parents: Sarah Michelle Gellar & d Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Siblings: Rocky, nearly 1


♥ Her nickname is ‘Charlie’

♥ Sarah went into labor while she was at the gym & gave birth to Charlotte one week before her due date

♥ Charlotte is often snapped on her way to and from ballet class


“My family comes first and you have to be in charge to protect that. You have to be the one who says no or you don’t have a life, which is what I found out the first time,” mama Sarah on her priorities.

“Charlotte is my best friend, and any free time I have, I want to spend with her. But while it’s easy to forget yourself, I can’t define myself as only Charlotte’s mother—one day, she’s going to be an adult, and then where am I? Like in any other relationship, you have to remember who you are through all this. After she goes to bed at 7:30, I might take a bath or read. And Freddie and I get our time together, too. Relationships are like flowers: They need attention to grow and develop. You have to make time to be there for the other person. Luckily, Charlotte’s a sound sleeper, so once she’s down, we can have friends over and have dinner and conversation and not worry.” – mama Sarah on her precious daughter.

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Happy Birthday!
That would be great if one day Charlotte became an actress like her mother)


Rocky’s birthday is the 20th of September. Sarah told an interviewer that her kids are 3 years and a day apart in age. It has to be the 20th that Rocky was born cause Sarah was phographed the 19th and was still very preggers.


Preggers??? That’s the stupidest word ever.

Grace Rivera Graniela
Grace Rivera Graniela

Happy Birthday little princess….blessings!!!!


She looks so much like Sadie Sandler they could be sisters. Happy Birthday.