Pink: Motherhood Is My “Favorite Thing Ever”

Grammy Award-winning singer Pink says the birth of her first child, daughter Willow, two years ago has only strengthened her relationship with motocross racer husband Carey Hart.

“I watched him just fall in love the day we brought her home,” she told Ellen DeGeneres during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “It’s like watching the person you love fall in love for the first time . . . I’m not jealous.”

“It sounds like you are,” Ellen said. “I mean, you’re saying watching the person you love fall in love for the first time . . . that would be the second time, hopefully.”

“Well yes because our love is complicated . . . extremely,” the singer, 34, replied.

Pink began dating the motocross racer in 2001, and after briefly separating in 2003, they became engaged in 2005 and were wed in 2006. They separated again in 2008, but reconciled in 2010.

“He’s amazing. We’re a good little threesome. We’re such a little team. We go all over the world and we’re together every day and it’s just so yummy,” Pink added. “Everyone around us is fighting and it just brings us closer because we get to laugh at them.”

“Oh good because y’all have had a very complicated relationship,” Ellen said. “You’ve broken up, you’ve gotten back together and you’ve been married now for what, seven years?”

“Eight years this year,” Pink said making a concerned face. “We may have to break up again soon,” the popstar joked.

Pink went on to gush that motherhood is her “favorite thing ever.”

“She gets really upset because I find her so delicious even when she’s really, really mad. She gets really, really emotional and mad and I just think it’s so cute,” Pink said. “She’ll say, ‘Don’t talk to me, mama! Don’t look at me, mama!’ And I’m like, ‘Aw, I just want to eat you.'”

And it sounds like Willow is picking up on mama’s globe-trotting lifestyle. “Her vocabulary is venue, catering, airplane,” Pink said. “It’s really funny . . . The dressing room is now Willow’s room.”

While promoting her new film, Thanks for Sharing, Pink also opened up to PEOPLE about her daughter.

“She’s fierce. We need our girls to be fiery,” she said at the L.A. premiere. “Oh, I don’t call them terrible [twos]. I think she’s tender,” the proud added.

As for mom’s music, “She likes ‘Try’ and ‘Just Give Me a Reason.’ The rest, take it or leave it, she doesn’t care,” the Grammy Award-winning singer revealed.

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