Will Ferrell’s Three Boys Take To The Emmy’s Stage

From our friends at Babycenter!

Will Ferrell had a trio of helpers on hand for his ‘last minute’ Emmy Award presentation Sunday night. The actor and his three sons were decidedly underdressed for the A-list ceremony, claiming they were unable to turn up a babysitter on short notice.

“It is indeed an honor to be presenting the last two awards of the evening: best comedy series and best drama series,” Will Ferrell, dressed in an old shirt, shorts and sandals began while joined on stage by his 9, 6, and 3-year-old sons. Axel, the youngest, rocked the toddler-trademarked rain boots and shorts look.

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  1. Pippa

    FOr the last few months, this site has been behind on it’s posts. It’s Tuesday and this post happened on Sunday night. It’s not as fun to come on here lately, because the news is old. No offense. Otherwise, I do love this site. Just wish it was a little more current.

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