Tia Mowry-Hardrict: “I Would Love To Have Another Child”

NickMom is premiering Instant Mom on Sunday (September 29), its first original scripted comedy series, starring and produced by Tia Mowry-Hardrict. The half-hour series features Tia as Stephanie, a party girl who trades in cosmos for carpools when she marries Charlie, a father-of-three.

Tia opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the new comedy series, her 2-year-old son Cree “who walks around the block once a day for exercise,” safeguarding your family during the flu season, and her hopes for baby No. 2 “sooner rather than later.”

CBS: Tell us about your new comedy series, Instant Mom. What is the show all about?

TMH: “Instant Mom is about a party girl, Stephanie Philips (played by me), who essentially trades in her cosmos for carpool. She’s used to being a weekend mom after marrying her husband who is a doctor. However, after the kids’ grandmother gets sick, the kids move in with Stephanie and her husband, essentially making her an ‘instant Mom.'”

CBS: You play the role of Stephanie, which is your first starring role as a mom. What attracted you to the role?

TMH: “I love that she is a hot, fun, sexy step-mom! She is a lot of fun to play.”

CBS: How does the on-screen role compare to being a mom in real life? Do you pull from your own real-life mommy experiences to play your character?

TMH: “I definitely pull from my own real life mom experiences. I am all about being a fun mom and I want to be the best mom for my son, Cree. I live for him and all he does, and so does my character Stephanie for her step kids. So I think there are similarities there.”

CBS: Will Tamera and your other family members make any appearances on the show?

TMH: “Anything is possible!”

CBS: What do you hope viewers take away from the series?

TMH: “The goal for me with this series, is to give people an opportunity to sit down with their families, relax, laugh, and enjoy.”

CBS: You are producing the show along with starring in it. What sparked your interest in the production side of the industry? Do you have any other production projects in the works?

TMH: “I love being a part of the whole process of making a show. You start with an idea and watch that idea come to life – it is amazing. I just sold a show to Nickelodeon loosely based on my life as a 12 year-old-girl, having a mom that is a drill sergeant.”

CBS: How was Cree’s 2nd birthday party? Please share some of the highlights.

TMH: “We went to an organic farm in New Mexico for Cree’s birthday where he was able to interact with animals (which he loves) like cows and chickens. It was a ton of fun.”

CBS: We have to ask, any plans for a little brother or sister for Cree? Would you like to have more kids?

TMH: “Definitely. Sooner rather than later, to be frank. I don’t know when, but I would love to have another child.”

CBS: Has motherhood changed you at all? If so, how?

TMH: “In a nutshell, motherhood has made me a better person. I’ve become more patient, and have a whole new perspective on the world and a newfound joy that I never had before.”

CBS: Do you have any other upcoming projects you’re working on?

TMH: “I shot a movie called Baggage Claim that is coming out for Fox Searchlight on September 27th, and of course Instant Mom, and the show I just sold to Nickelodeon as well. I am so excited about all my projects this year – it has been so much fun!”

CBS: Tell us about your involvement with Flumist Quadrivalent’s Flu Prevention Campaign. What is your role and what do you hope to accomplish?

TMH: “I have partnered with MedImmune on this campaign in an effort to encourage more Americans to get annual flu vaccinations. I lead a very healthy lifestyle, but to be honest, over the past few years I hadn’t been good about getting a flu vaccine. I really don’t like needles! But I learned from my doctor that everyone over 6 months should get a vaccine each year, as it’s the best way to protect against the flu – which can be very serious.

I also learned that I’m not the only one who was avoiding getting vaccinated, as nearly half of Americans don’t get a flu vaccine each year. So I decided to make flu vaccination a priority for my family and I was thrilled to find out that there are several flu vaccine options available, including FluMist Quadrivalent, a needle-free, gentle nasal mist sprayed into the nose, where the flu typically starts.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to get people talking about the how serious the flu can be and the importance of flu vaccination. To start the conversation, we created a hilarious short video called I Insist!, which pokes fun at my life as a busy Hollywood mom, but explains that despite my hectic lifestyle, it’s important to slow down and take time to focus on your family’s health, including getting a flu vaccine. So we’re encouraging people to watch and share the video as a way to remind friends and family to talk to their doctors about flu vaccination.

CBS: What are some ways you keep Cree healthy during flu season?

TMH: “In addition to a flu vaccination – the best way to prevent the flu – I make health a main focus for my whole family, especially during cold and flu season. We eat extremely healthily, focusing on fresh, organic foods. And we make an effort to live a very active lifestyle. My husband and I exercise regularly and think it’s important to instil healthy habits in Cree at a young age. You won’t believe it, but he’s only 2 and he walks around the block once a day for exercise! I also encourage him (and my husband) to constantly wash his hands, especially during cold and flu season.”

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  • Jessica

    Woah what happened to her face in the original picture?! She looks like shes wearing too much make up or had some awful surgery. And shes usually very beautiful.

  • Someone

    Yeah I believe he can walk around the block at 2. What I can’t believe is that is all the exercise he gets?! My kids need to seriously get their wiggles out and a block won’t cut it lol

  • sheida

    raise this ugly kid you created first and then think about adding more ugly ones

  • Lauren

    Lol… Does she really think its extraordinary that her 2 year old walks around the block?! Why wouldn’t I believe that he can? Sorry but my little ones were walking around without a stroller since 18 months unless it was a crowded place. Walks around the block at Crees age was more like running by that time. And a child needs more exercise than just walking. How about you get him to the park and let him run, jump and climb

    • Anonymous

      Where did she say it was extraordinary? Calm down!

      • Lauren

        When she says “You won’t believe it, but he’s only 2 and he walks around the block once a day for exercise!” Yah meaning its something amazing ‘extraordinary’ that her 2 year old can do this. And thank you but I am calm. Made a comment of my opinion.. don’t like.. don’t reply.

      • Lauren

        When she says “you won’t believe this he is only 2”
        So obviously she thinks that’s something extraordinary and rare. Which its not.

  • Lauren

    And she should probably research the flu vaccine more. Unnecessary unless your elderly or a premie. There’s soo many different types of flu strands that the shot is for only one strand that is most present that season. Better to build your immune system without flu vaccine. Infact everyone I know who has gotten one end up sick anyway. I’m pro vaccine but anti flu vaccine.

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