Kathy Ireland Promotes Stémage for Skincare Solutions

Mom-of-three Kathy Ireland has partnered with Stémage, a skin research company using stem cell science, for skincare solutions that “exceed” the former supermodel’s “greatest expectations.” She goes on to say that surgeon-developed Stémage is “paving the way for a new generation of beauty products.”

Kathy opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her three kids – Erik, 19, Lily, 14 and Chloe, 10 – and the joys of motherhood. She goes on to talk about the importance of “family time” and how she maintains a “loving and healthy relationship” with her kids, her husband, and herself.

CBS: Tell us all about Stémage. What sets Stémage apart from other skin rejuvenation systems?

KI: “We have partnered with Stémage, a dedicated skin research company, who has found an incredible solution to changing the landscape for the way we care for our skin. It exceeds my greatest expectations. Stémage is a powerful solution for both women and men of all skin types who want their skin to feel good, look great and have a healthier looking skin.

Stémage is a skin rejuvenation system that is derived from Adult Human Stem Cells, developed by a surgeon, for wrinkles and visible signs of aging. Stémage also firms the skin and does not use Human Embryonic Stem Cells. Stémage does not use animal testing, no Parabens, no harsh chemicals, no sulfates.

The Stémage formulation is only natural and packed with organic ingredients, Human Stem Cells Derived and absolutely incredible. An advance complex of cell factors produced by Adult Human Stem Cells… MDF19 (Mesenchymal Derived Factor Complex 19), and Stémage is affordable. All of these things set Stémage apart from any other skin rejuvenation system.”

CBS: How did you get involved in stem cell science? Do you think stem cell science is paving the way for a new generation of beauty products?

KI: “Everything I get involved with must live within my principles. Women of my generation are always looking for great solutions to help our skin rejuvenate. A face plant to the ground left me with a scar. Living in the sun gave my skin a great deal of sun damage. During the formulation process, I took the opportunity to use Stémage and it and gave me amazing results. After using Stémage, my scars and skin damage are far less noticeable. I’m using less makeup and loving it.

Seeing women and men who are getting unbelievable transformations is only proof of the power of Stémage. We are always looking for the next best thing, so yes, I do believe stem cell science is paving the way for a new generation of beauty products.”

CBS: Tell us about kiWW. With over 15,000 products already on the market, will there be anything new we’ll be seeing in stores soon?

KI: “Absolutely. Soon you will see some of our newest products: bed sheets, towels, children’s publishing, jewelry boxes/chest/armoires, footwear, pet sustainable products, fine crystal, china, electronic accessories and more.

kathy ireland Worldwide enjoys unbelievable relationships with the power of our customers. The people we serve, especially the women, are not shy to tell us what she is looking for and what she needs. That is the foundation of our brand and it is how our four promises of Fashion, Quality, Value and Safety were born. We’re still growing, and we’re still a baby brand.”

CBS: You are also mother to three children. How old are they and what are they up to nowadays?

KI: “Erik is 19, Lily is 14 and Chloe is 10. Erik has completed high school and is pursuing his career as an artist in the music industry, with his partner, Madeleine Meyer. Lily continues to enjoy high school, academics, music and rock climbing. Chloe is growing fast. She loves following the footsteps of her older siblings — she loves music, volleyball, tap acrobatics and math. All three of our children, love traveling with me to Honduras, Israel, Croatia, Fiji, Haiti, to participate in helping to give back to the people living in poverty.”

CBS: Are you an advocate for “family time?” What do you like to do together as a family?

KI: “Family time is a huge part of our family agenda, so I guess you can say, yes, we are big advocates for “family time.” Today, I still screen my calls. People I love go to voice mail. Not that I don’t want to speak with them, I’m just not necessarily available on their timetable. That boundary continues to work for me and has been working for a long time now.

We like to keep television and all electronics off for a while, because just a few minutes of it can turn into hours, and all of a sudden, your evening is lost. Our children are busy with school projects, travel, music practice, but we make sure we get our Bubble Time together, and that is very important. We enjoy the outdoors as a group and like going to the beach, taking a short trip somewhere peaceful and relaxing. We read to each-other; we learn about each other everyday; never forgetting that it is Greg and my responsibility to be their parents rather than their friends.”

CBS: What is your favorite part about being a mom? What are some of the greatest challenges of motherhood? Has your parenting approach changed over the years?

KI: “Favorite part about being a mom is having the privilege to experience our children’s independent personalities and character growing each day. One of our greatest challenges is stepping aside to let them become the people they are meant to be. As a mom, we try our hardest to raise them to be sincere, loving and to be humble to the best of our knowledge. So watching them step into the real life is a bit frightening. However, we have to give them their own wings at some point…we have, and so far, we love how they are using them.”

CBS: How do you balance your busy career with motherhood and finding time for yourself? Is it possible to “have it all?”

KI: “We can have it all just not at the same time. Everyone has an “all” that is individual to them. Life comes in seasons and you must prioritize. I have been blessed since early in my childhood. Faith has given me the opportunity and wisdom to do many things I love doing. I put priorities in place, I balance my duties, therefore my calendar is at my forefront each and every day with the help of my business family.

I make sure that in order to maintain a loving and healthy relationship with my children, husband and for myself, I must make time for all of us no matter the circumstances. There has not been a birthday I’ve missed of any of our children. This is part of my prioritizing. Anything else can wait and if not, perhaps it wasn’t that important. Spending quality time on their birthday marks huge impressions for a lifetime.”

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  • Whatever she’s using for her skin, it must be good…She looks amazing for 50!

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