Tori Spelling’s Road Trip Sparks Music Video

Tori Spelling had a fun time during a five day road trip from Toronto to Los Angeles. With two friends, a dog and her children Liam, 6, Stella, 5, Hattie, nearly 2, and Finn, 1, she ended up taking lots of photos and making a fun music video in the car.

The creative mom explained on “After living in Canada for almost three months, filming our new design reality show Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever for HGTV (which premieres spring 2014), we packed up and prepared to head back to L.A. last week. My hubby Dean had to stay in Toronto to shoot his new cookbook. The morning of our flight home, Hattie woke up with a terrible cold and an ear infection. She wasn’t able to comfortably fly. We didn’t make our flight and soon after the other kids got sick as well.”

“With four sick kids and needing to get back to L.A. for school and work, what did Mama Bear do? I decided to drive my family back to L.A. That’s 36 hours and 2518.5 miles! With my friend Laura, our beloved Patsy, and pooch Mitzi in tow, we rented an SUV and headed out onto the open road for what’s turned out to be the most empowering and best family experience ever”

She continues, “I’ve been posting our daily road trip group selfie on Instagram and twitter and I want to thank everyone for all your support of our journey. Today we are on Day 5 of the final leg of our trip. Here are all of our group selfies!”

She tweeted on September 23, “5 days in the car can make you do crazy things… like make a “Call Me Maybe” parody music video!

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Anon

    LOL “that music video” was hilarious and absolutely adorable 🙂

  • hopper

    What a very adaptable cool mama bear !!!!!! Nice family .

  • SMH

    When I see videos like this it reminds me that I made a great decision in not buying an iphone!!

    cute video nonetheless lol

  • DanSy

    The pic looks scary coz her face is deformed on it, it looks like an old woman’s face.

  • coco

    The video is terrible but she seems a really devoted mum!
    Nice family.

  • NYCMommy

    Nice family. She seems to really enjoy being a mom. I can see her making this long long road trip with sick children fun. even the lady in the back seems to be having a great time. 🙂

  • Mendy Hall

    enjoy your kids, want be small forever, but don’t spoil them.

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