Deborra-Lee Furness & Ava: Pink Pair

Deborra-Lee Furness and Ava, 8, went out walking with the dog in New York City on Thursday (September 26).

Hugh Jackman was out of town attending the premiere of Prisoners at the Sony Centre in Berlin, Germany.

Hugh said in a recent interview that Prisoners is a gripping film – especially for a parent.

“My wife watching it was literally gripping my hand. As far as my character goes, my wife would go further. She would lay waste to an entire landscape. There’s a lioness, that’s my wife.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    As GORGEOUS as Hugh Jackman is, and as successful as he’s been, I find it amazing AWESOME that he is STILL with Deborrah, even though she’s put on a few and doesn’t come close to matching him in the looks department either.

    She must really be one heck of a woman and friend! Good for them and their kids.

    • Lily

      I was thinking the exact same thing. I don’t get it, but like you wrote, she must be a very special woman! And, a very lucky one too!

  • Mendy Hall

    she is the make believe wife, because he is gay. she is so ugly.

  • Do any of you people writing these vicious comments consider that their children might read what you are writing about their parents? You should be ashamed to trolling with gossip about people you don’t know. Deborra-Lee and Hugh are both committed to improving the world for others with their almost unending charitable activities. Maybe you should take a page from their book and try being kinder to others.

  • Evergreen

    So what she is a botox disaster with no lips, she looks like she has Down syndrome and is fat. I mean what’s with that crap Working class Aussie accent with a cheesy American twang. All the Aide work in the world won’t make Hugh’s fans like her.

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