Halle Berry: Any Day Now

In the final days of her second pregnancy, Halle Berry was all smiles in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (September 29). Joined by husband Olivier Martinez and her 5-year-old daughter Nahla, the Oscar winner arrived at Pinz Bowling Center for a private birthday party.

The Cloud Atlas actress, 47, looked lovely in a black top and striped maxi maternity skirt.

“She’s really happy,” Halle said of Nahla’s reaction to the pregnancy. “Not long ago she asked God for a little sister.”

But it will be a baby brother. “My son will be an American,” Olivier, originally from France, said in June.

 We can’t wait to hear their exciting news!

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • anonymous

    Halle has the most beautiful skin.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure if there’s another woman on the planet that’s as BLESSED with half as gorgeous skin as Halle. Hopefully Nahla has inherited it from her mom. Can’t wait to see photos of their little guy.

  • Anonymous

    Nahla is beautiful and I’m super jealous of her skin tone and hair color combination.

  • desiree

    I totally get the idea of loose, comfortable clothing when you are in the home stretch of pregnancy, but the length of many of her skirts and dresses poses a tripping hazard and seems quite cumbersome (IMO anyway).

    • Anonymous

      And yet, we never hear about the hoards of pregnant women tripping on their long skirts.

  • Some of you truly need to travel and see other parts of the world. Women so beautiful that they would make Halle look like Paula Deen. I wish I knew what is the fascination with this woman? She go through men like running water. She can’t act, she isn’t that pretty either. I must admit her skin is glowing. Let me see, when the kid is 10, parents will be almost 60. I don’t care what anyone says, she is most certainly hiding that her daughter is autistic. Think I’m lying……go check out every picture of Nahla. I bet you can’t point out one where she is holding a conversation with anyone or even look like she is talking. Then go to other celebs with their kids and see the difference.

    • Anonymous

      It’s quite hysterical that you’ve diagnosed that child with a serious brain disorder, simply by looking at photos.

      Thanks, Doc McIdiot!

      • rachel

        No, you are the idiot. Now get back to class and learn something.

  • Oliver looking stupid like he don’t want to hold her hand. I give them less than a year.

  • Ibah

    I agree that her skin is flawless.
    I think it’s funny though that when the paps are there Halle is trying SO hard to get her guy and Nahla to look really happy but clearly they are miserable.

  • Who cares if this piece of racist crap’s skin Is flawless. I have no use for Halle Berry, never liked her, never will. White men act like they never saw a woman before when they see this “One Drop Rule” chick. She has white in her and her daughter’s father is all white. Do you stupid white men think it’s worth being with Halle Berry after she fights with you and says yours and her child does not have a drop of white in her and she’s all black ? A piece of arse is not worth anything in the end.

    • Anonymous

      I hope you have your therapist on speed-dial.

  • a couple of years ago, I saw an interview with that has been from 90210 Luke Perry aka Dylan McKay. He was totally crushing on Halle Berry, why I don’t know b/c she is nothing special. Luke Perry made such a big deal about this trash, he needs to re-think things this dude. Don’t men know Halle Berry herself brings this race issue up on her own ? It’s one thing to have a woman on your arm that you think she looks flawless but how is her personality ? Halle Berry’s personality truly sucks. Maybe Luke Perry enjoys being called a “Cracker” from broads like Halle LMAO.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Who knew that Halle was “ALL THAT”! Apparently she IS ,otherwise so many wicked, JELOUS, manless, hags, with dead end careers and leathery-pocked-marked-acne-proned complexions wouldn’t be here maligning a middle aged, pregnant, mediocre (my personal opinion) actress worth TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, with a wonderful career, 2 GORGEOUS children, one gorgeous, adoring husband, a string of equally handsome former beaus, and millions of fans, many, many, many more handsome men who’d gladly step into Olivier’s shoes if given the chance. A despite YOUR biased/racist opinions of her……. she SEEMS to be a VERY lovely woman, who (I’m sure) looses NO sleep over your petty envy.

    And what have YOU got to show for YOUR efforts in life?

    • Anonymous

      “she SEEMS to be a VERY lovely woman, who (I’m sure) looses NO sleep over your petty envy.”

      I agree. Who do these fools think they’re hurting with their hate-filled rants? Do they think Halle Berry gives a hoot what some random idiot thinks? It’s laughable, really!

    • May

      When you misspell the word “jealous” your comment loses all credibility.

      • Anonymous

        @May…Sorry, but I was moved by my passion. Next time I’ll be more careful to proofread before submitting my comments. Happy now?

  • Why don’t you kiss butts roll out the red carpet when she makes an appearance. By the way, never throw out there about “Racist” Rants”, I’m sure you have said enough things in life that come across racist b/c mostly you people are nothing but hypocrites. I am sure you’ve said things before about individuals that are under the same title you just threw out there, and yes when you misspell Jealous, your comment does not mean anything. Your just burned under your butt b/c someone spoke their mind besides you. Go and read a book!

    • Anonymous

      @ Thalia…….Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, …… take your pick. Interesting how my forgetting to ad the “A” in jelous renders my entire comment invalid. Yet here you are ranting on about “God know what” . For the 2nd time in 2 days.

      Face it girl, Halle is beautiful, successful, wealthy, healthy, well regarded, can and does travel the world, has an adoring husband (for now at least), and 2 precious children and is in a seemingly good place in her life right now. And you have this baby blog to rail against her. HALLE WINS!

      Deal with it. HA, HA, HA, HA………….

  • Wait didn’t Halle Berry have a Papp law passed that celebrities with their Children out and about cannot be photographed ? Halle looks all smiles and you have seen her plenty of times being photographed with her daughter and seemed ok with it. ?

  • I just feel so sorry for nahla.I wish to god that her biological father gabriel was acting right,i wish he could’ve had full custody over nahla.I think it’s bad how she lives with the man that physicallt beat up her biological father and now her mother is married to him and their having a kid together,and im hearing that nahla even calls oliver “dad” i’d hate to be nahla when she sees the movie monster ball.

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