Sheryl Crow: My Sons “Keep Me Young”

Nine-time Grammy Award-winner Sheryl Crow has teamed up with the One A Day® Women’s brand and Feeding America with the Nutrition Mission to help the close to 50 million Americans who live in food insecure households.

Sheryl opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about raising her “real boys” Wyatt, 6, and Levi, 3. The Strong Enough singer, 51, chats about her sons who can be “real clowns” and love to “break out into dance.” She goes on to talk about her first country album, Feels Like Home, and the joys of motherhood. 

CBS: Tell us about partnering with the One A Day Women’s brand and Feeding America. How did you get involved in the Nutrition Mission?

SC: “I’m excited to team up with One A Day Women’s and Feeding America this Hunger Action Month on year two of the One A Day Women’s Nutrition Mission to help the nearly 50 million Americans that live with food insecurity. Since the start of the program, we’ve donated 4 million meals to Feeding America’s network of more than 200 food banks, which helps distribute food in communities across America. One A Day Women’s has also awarded $100,000 in grants to local food banks to help people in local communities to continue the fight against hunger.”

CBS: Why is the hunger relief cause so important to you?

SC: “Food insecurity is a problem in America with nearly 50 million Americans living in food insecure households. I believe there is so much more work to be done in the fight against hunger. You can visit to learn how you can help in your local communities and read the winning Nutrition Mission grants contest stories.”

CBS: Tell us about your two sons, Wyatt and Levi. How old are they now and what are they into?

SC: “Wyatt is 6 and Levi is 3. They are just the best. Real boys – getting into any and everything.”

CBS: Do Wyatt and Levi get along well?

SC: “They are exactly what you’d expect from brothers – some days they are the best of friends, and on others I have to keep them on opposite sides of the room. But most of the time they get along very well.”

CBS: What do your boys do to make you laugh?

SC: “They can be real clowns – they both have a great sense of humor. They just love dancing and I get such a kick out of it – when they break out into dance, they always get a laugh out of me.”

CBS: What is it like raising two boys?

SC: “They have so much energy and they keep me young! I wouldn’t change a thing. I love getting to see things through their eyes.”

CBS: How do you balance your career and motherhood?

SC: “I try to keep Wyatt and Levi’s lives as consistent as possible. We spend a lot of time at home and that’s my priority with work coming second. I’ve also got a great team and family who pitch in to make it all happen.”

CBS: Do you believe “women having it all” is unrealistic or is it attainable?

SC: “I think having children changes your ideas about what having it all means. I don’t feel the same way about work as I did before I had Wyatt and Levi, but I pride myself on finding balance. I love making music and I love raising my boys – I find time to make both a priority.”

CBS: Is Wyatt in school now? If so, what was the back to school season like for him?

SC: “Wyatt is in school. He just started Kindergarten. Back to school was an exciting time for all of us. Wyatt is so proud and excited to tell me about what he’s learned that day.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

SC: “I just released my first country album, Feels Like Home. I’ve been working on it for some time now so I’m excited that my fans finally get to hear it. I hope they love it as much as I do. I’m playing a few live shows this fall and we hope to be touring in 2014.”

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