Brooke Burke-Charvet Launches Caelum Fitness Line

Dancing with the Stars co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet is collaborating with her brother-in-law, fashion mogul Daniel Guez, to launch the new fitness apparel line Caelum. Hitting shelves Spring 2014, the line includes performance tops, sweatpants, pullovers and sports bras – all of which will retail for under $80.00.

Brooke opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “challenging” yet “fulfilling” family life with four kids: Neriah, 13, Sierra, 11, Rain, 6, and Shaya, 5. She goes on to talk about juggling motherhood and her busy career, saying she always tries to make “me” time a priority.

CBS: Tell us about collaborating with Daniel Guez to launch a new fitness apparel line Caelum.

BBC: “Caelum is an innovative active lifestyle brand that I have collaborated with Daniel Guez to launch in Spring 2014. We focused on designing pieces that truly combine active and lifestyle, something that is obtainable for women who are on the go. Women are spending more time in the gym then going about their daily activities and I wanted Caelum to offer stylish alternatives to the basic active wear.”

CBS: Tell us about collaborating with Daniel and what you both brought to the line. And how did you come up with the name?

BBC: “Danny brings almost 20 years of fashion experience to the table as well as his eye for design and merchandising. He has a wealth of experience launching and building new brands.

What I bring to the table is authentic experience in the fitness space and a passion for style; this is a line where fitness meets fashion. I believe there is a trend in fitness right now; women are working out harder, stronger and longer, and staying in their fitness wear all day long; now they can finally do it with style.

The name Caelum is the Latin word for chisel; it’s also a constellation in the southern sky, which is the inspiration for our logo. I wanted to create an acronym for the word Caelum, which is my message to women everywhere:

  • C – Create
  • A – Active
  • E – Evolve
  • L – Live
  • U – Uplift
  • M – Motivate

CBS: How are your kids doing in school this year? We hear you do the carpools with Jennifer Garner?

BBC: “Yes, I’ve heard that as well — it’s not true.

I have a kindergartner, an eighth grader and lots of action in between. I’m learning to manage the chaos. I’m a chauffeur, a referee, and a concierge…and the bank [laughs].”

CBS: Is Halloween a big holiday in your family? Do the kids have costumes picked out already?

BBC: “Yes, we love Halloween – it is action packed with my brood of six. We’re in the process of decorating our house right now. Shaya wants to be a ninja, Rain wants to be a vampire, Neriah will be Minnie Mouse and Sierra has a handmade Sponge Bob costume. And, of course, it’ll all probably change the day before.”

CBS: Describe a typical day in your household. What time does your day start and end?

BBC: “Never a typical day. 6:30AM, the alarm goes off and I start waking up the kids. First thing’s first: coffee! I make lunches, breakfast to go and we’re out the door by 7:10AM. I carpool four kids, plus a friend, and I try to get my ‘me’ time in by teaching my own booty burn class in the morning.

On show days I head to the ball room straight from school drop-off for a busy day of script meetings, rehearsals, two hours of hair and make-up, a live show from 5-7PM. I’m lucky to make it home by my kids’ bedtimes.

If it’s not a DWTS day, I workout, have meetings consisting of responsibilities, entertainment industry demands, school meetings, grocery shopping, the occasional coffee or meal with a friend, family dinner at 6PM, homework,8:30PM bed time routines start and by 9PM TV escape-ism; 10 o’clock bedtime.”

CBS: Do you have time to have family meals together during the week?

BBC:”Every night that I am not working, we have dinner together. I’m the chef, which is a passion of mine. I try not to schedule too many social commitments during the week so I can have that precious time with my family.”

CBS: You’ve been very open about your life – especially with your thyroid cancer scare. Is there anything you have revealed to the public which made you go, “Ugh…why did I open up like that?”

BBC: “No.”

CBS: If you were asked to compete in Dancing With The Stars again – would you do it? Why or why not?

BBC: “I don’t think I could host and dance at the same time! I’m very happy to have one Mirror Ball Trophy already – I’m not greedy [laughs].”

CBS: Describe your life in three words.

BBC: “Challenging. Fulfilling. Unpredictable.”

CBS: Anything else you’re working on that you’d like to share?

BBC: “I’ve been a Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile for five years, passionately committed to making a difference and raising awareness. This summer I took my family on a medical mission to Mexico and it changed our lives forever.”

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