Katie Holmes & Suri’s Starbucks Run

Coffee break with mama!

Mother-daughter duo Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise grabbed some coffees to go in New York City on Sunday (September 29). On an early morning Starbucks run, the pretty pair were seen with some hot beverages in the Big Apple.

Both dressed down, Suri went all pink in a tee, shorts and sneakers. Meanwhile, Katie kept it casual in jeans and a green hoodie.

Recently, we’ve seen the fashion-savvy girl matching her pink arm cast with different headpieces and accessories.

In late August, Katie’s rep confirmed that Suri broke her arm. After initially wearing a white cast, Suri now has a pretty pink one.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Anonymous

    katie is dressed for Fall and Suri is dressed for summer SMH. It wasn’t that hot on Sunday to be wearing shorts.

  2. manal

    Suris knees are so weird! but shes a very beautiful girl!

  3. missy

    It was pretty warm on Sunday. I believe it was in the low 70’s. In any case after 7 years of watching this family, It’s pretty obvious that Suri just doesn’t get cold easily. Unless Katie takes her out into the freezing cold without coat/tights, I don’t see the point in commenting on it anymore.

  4. Lola

    Rare to see Suri wearing sneakers.

  5. Lauren

    its nice to see suri in casual clothes and nice to see them doing everyday things like normal people. suri is a very pretty girl.

  6. Sam

    The first thing I noticed were Suri’s knees. That is not a stupid comment, it’s a normal observation. @Anon 5:52pm, you need a chill pill.
    I was going to say that she has some seriously ‘knobby’ knees. I don’t even know if people still use the term, “knobby,” meaning round & protruding, like a door knob.
    As she is aging out of the little girl stage into a more pre adolescent stage, I assume we will see bigger changes in her, height, limb length, face shape. Since Suri is one of the most photographed celebrity children, her childhood has been well documented by paparazzi shots. We have literally watched her grow up, which must be such a weird thing for her!

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