See North West’s Designer Duds

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It’s been a good week for North West (and her wardrobe). While the 3-month-old may be missing her mom and dad while they’re off at Paris Fashion Week, she’s received some seriously high-fashion gifts from Kanye and Kim’s designer pals.

Visit PopSugarMoms to see North’s kiddie-sized couture!

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  • Anonymous

    Poor child. Hopefully I’m wrong but I have a feeling this will end up being one of those situations where the parents end up having to buy their child’s love to make up for the fact for they’re never around.

    • LaKesha

      You base that on what? It always bothers me to hear parents, who I’m sure have family difficulties of their own, declare privileged children, “poor child” or worry about how the child will turn out. Children of celebrities already start put a foot ahead of our children based on the opportunities afforded to them. Save your concern for the children truly struggling on life.

      • Anonymous

        Uh.. based on how little this child’s father has been around since she was born, and the fact that both of her parents took off for another country and left her home. Duh.

  • Joey

    I agree.

  • Heather

    So Cute – I love the one with the shirt and the skirt!

  • Kristine

    Love the clothes. lucky little girl!!!!

  • anonymous

    those are really cute…so lucky

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