P. Diddy’s Daughters Make Modeling Debut

Proud papa P. Diddy posed with his daughters Jessie and  D’Lila, 6, and Chance, 7, whom made their modeling debut at Kids Fashion Week in New York City.

“Words can’t explain how proud I am of my young ladies ! There’s no greater feeling #fact,” Diddy captioned the above shot via Instagram Saturday.

Diddy’s gorgeous girls made their runway debuts on the Swarovski and Ooh! La, La! catwalks.

The trio proved they’re naturals in trendy sneaker wedges, high-low hems and a healthy dose of model attitude while their R&B superstar papa watched from the front row.

In a series of Instagram photos from Saturday’s event, Puffy posted a shot with the girls’ mothers: Kim Porter (the twins’ mother) and Sarah Chapman.

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Danielle

    So sweet, proud daddy!!!! And the girls look beautiful!

  • Eleonor

    If they were not his daughters they would not be modelling, the twins are regular looking, nothing special, Chance is cuter but they are not “gorgeous” .

    Nevertheless, its nice that he is proud and that the girls are enjoying themselves 😉

    • Sam

      What a stupid bitchy comment!!!!

      Why don’t you go use your time more productively!

      • Eleonor

        Do you really need to be that vulgar? Are you sane? I did not say anything bad and was polite which is not your case at all.

        “Bitchy”? you probably have some real issues to be talking that way… I did not use that word since I am an adult, hope you are not older than 16!

        • Sam

          Eleanor is a big fat ugly troll

          Piss off troll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree Eleanor. They are nothing to look out but are “models” because of who their father is.

  • Alyson

    It’s amazing how much Chance looks like the twins. They look like triplets in the main pic. Cute ladies.

    • SiervaMaria

      Its amazing isn’t it?! If I didn’t know they weren’t I would have thought it.

  • Heather

    Nice Pics but yeah, that of of six is eppic…Chance is Stunning!! dannng I can seee how they’re trying to tone it down but wow! Chance’s lil sis’ are trying, and I can tell they have great attitudes..but I am sure Sarah has been approached about Chance for some time she has all the qualifications..I believe Diddy probably threw the twins in for fairness.

  • Anon

    Have you people seen some of the models on runways. It’s not about beauty they way some of you see it. Besides look at most of the people in movies, modeling, and entertainment overall is full of people there because of nepotism. All three girls are beautiful and in most pictures you can’t tell Chance from the twins.

  • Anonymous

    The twins’ mother must be livid that Diddy always includes the child of the woman he cheated on her with, literally every time he does something with his twins. They aren’t triplets.

    • Alba

      This has to be one of the stupidest comment ever, only an immature person whould think that way. Chance is his daughter no matter what and she sould not be punished because of how she came to be, and should know her sisters and brother.

    • gemini82

      All three of diddy’s baby mamas were friends at one time. Kim should not be mad at chance’s mom for sleeping with sean because she was friends with baby mama # 1 when she hooked up with sean. I don’t know if sean and baby mama #1 were still together at the time but its still wrong.

  • Bink

    The twin’s mom must have a long neck. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  • theoriginal bubbles

    when you put them out there, you are asking for it. I’m sorry, but those are 3 little scarecrows. genetics gone wrong.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure they’d be insulted… If they could figure out what the hell that meant? Scarecrows? LOL…. What an idiot.

  • anonymous

    cuteness overload…beautiful girls

  • Vena

    Wow…. no matter how he got the kidsin to modeling, atleast he’s involed in his kids lives!

  • just being me

    eleonor do not let the stupidity of other people get to u the truth is the truth the girls r not all that they just look like and kids on the street. Look at the jenner girls they r famous for doing nothing just like their mother and sisters

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