Michelle Duggar: “We’re Trying” For a Twentieth Child

Mother-of-19 Michelle Duggar and husband Jim Bob Duggar are celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary on the Tuesday (October 8) episode of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting.

Michelle, 47, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the special episode where her husband “overdid it” and “really surprised” her. She goes on to talk about the joys of motherhood (and grand-motherhood), her top tips for a successful marriage, her thoughts on “me” time, her “hope” to become pregnant with a twentieth child, and the “misconception about overpopulation.”

CBS: Tell us about the upcoming episode of 19 Kids and Counting: Anniversaries to Remember. What can fans expect to see?

MD: “Oh boy! It is really going to be fun, because we go back to the beginning and reminisce over how Jim Bob and I met. We go on a journey from the beginning of our relationship until now. It’s a lot of fun seeing the old pictures, because there’s a lot of great stuff.

My favorite part about filming the episode was how much Jim Bob surprised me and how he was able to keep the anniversary surprises secret. It was amazing for me. He did such a neat job in bringing together the past, the present, and then the future of our relationship. I’m always so surprised by Jim Bob’s creativity when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries. He is such a creative person! He definitely overdid it this time and really surprised me.”

CBS: Congratulations on our upcoming 29th wedding anniversary. If you could share your top three tips for a successful marriage, what would they be?

MD: “Oh wow! I definitely think my first tip is to pray together. I think a couple that prays together really has a head start. We asked a couple who had been married for fifty years what their number one tip was, and the fella said to Jim Bob, ‘There’s two things I would say. ‘Number one: I was wrong. Number two: will you forgive me?” [laughs].

So pray together, be very quick to admit when you’ve made a mistake, and ask for forgiveness, because when you live with someone day in and day out, there’s always going to be those misunderstandings that come up.

If you wanted to place the last two tips together, then my third tip would be to communicate on a daily basis. When you pray together, you do that with the Lord and with each other. Communication is vital and it’s important to take time every day to talk. Jim and I always pray together every day. When the busy days come, which they will, try to always make the time to communicate with one another.

Oftentimes, Jim Bob plans a date for us once a week, usually on Saturday. Our dates are a really special time for us to communicate more with each other.”

CBS: Are you hoping to become pregnant with a 20th child? Or maybe you have a special announcement to share with us?

MD: “I would hope, but we are not expecting right now. I would be so grateful if the Lord blessed us with another one. We’re trying at this point and we shall see if that is a possibility. If not, we are so thankful and grateful for the ones that God has given us so far. We are also definitely enjoying our grandbabies! They are so precious!”

CBS: Do you ever feel like your multiple pregnancies have worn-down your body? Additionally, do you ever feel like they have taken a toll on your mind and spirit?

MD: “I feel great. I think that exercising and eating right definitely makes a difference. My health is good and I am grateful for that. I think it could be different; every person struggles with different things, but I am so grateful that my health is good and I am able to enjoy running and chasing my little ones around at this point in my life [laughs].

In regard to my mind and spirit, I am so grateful, because as we received each child from the Lord, he has given us so much joy. Each child is a gift from God.

I went through some morning sickness in the beginning of my pregnancies. As I’ve experienced that, many other moms told me how grateful I should be, because the morning sickness helps me know things are going along okay. I’ve had a number of friends who experienced no morning sickness and had early complications. In all my pregnancies, I rejoiced even when the morning sickness came, because I knew it was a good sign and a good reason to be sick. In all of my pregnancies, I have also looked forward to that little one and I really enjoyed getting prepared. It is a lot of responsibility to look forward to a little one coming, but at the same time, there is so much joy when you are anticipating that little one becoming a part of your family and a part of life.

I think my mind, my spirit, and all of that has been just great. I am so grateful and I don’t even know how else to explain it. I am so thankful for the children that we have. They are all such a joy!”

CBS: Do you ever make “me” time a priority? Do you see value in taking some alone time? Or do you believe all your time and attention should go toward your husband and children?

MD: “I love when all of my little ones are in bed and it’s quiet. I love having quiet time in the evening, because I am more of a night owl than a morning bird. I enjoy reading books and my Bible and having my quiet time before going to sleep at night.

The scripture says that the evening and the morning were the first day, so I tell my children that their day begins the night before. I always encourage them to make lists and plan their next day before they go to bed at night, so that they can go to sleep in peace and know that their day is scheduled and they are ahead.

In the evening time once everyone is quiet, I can enjoy reading a good book, reading the scriptures, or listening to a great message that I wanted to listen to. That’s my favorite time. Even in the mornings when I get up, I’ll oftentimes jump on my elliptical machine and exercise while listening to great preaching messages on OnePlace.com, which is a free app that I love using every day.

I am a people person, so I love being with my family and kids. I absolutely love that. I know that when everyone is asleep and quiet, then I’ll just enjoy reading and having that time to myself. I am not the kind of person that needs to have alone time…too much of that will really drive me nuts. I think it’s important to be around people, communicate, and have heart-to-heart talks and all that good stuff.”

CBS: What do you think is the biggest misconception about you? What is the biggest misconception about your family?

MD: “I don’t know! People were saying, ‘Oh, that’s way too many kids and I can’t imagine that many children in one family!’ However, my daughter, Jill, said to us, ‘Mom, Dad, I don’t understand why people would say that. Love really, truly multiplies…it doesn’t divide. When you have more people in the family, there is that many more people to spread love all around!’ I think Jill said it very wisely; love does multiply. It’s a joy, because there are that many more people and that much more love in the house!”

CBS: What do you say to the critics who think you should stop getting pregnant? What are your thoughts on the planet’s overpopulation crisis? Do you feel you are contributing to that? Why or why not?

MD: “I think I’ve shared that in the past before. We have studied it and I believe that there is a misconception about overpopulation. I think that the whole mindset of overpopulation is really overrated. A few years back, we stated that the whole population of the world could be stood shoulder-to-shoulder in Jacksonville. That may have changed a little bit since we’ve heard that statistic.

I think that there is this ideology that goes behind overpopulation that I don’t really agree with. It’s a different perspective and that’s where people have their different ideas, and that’s okay. That’s what makes the world go around; there are many different ideas and different perspectives about certain topics.”

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  • SiervaMaria

    Hey, I’ve watched their show a time or three and I think they’re great parents and a great family. They don’t depend on anyone else to take on their choices and so good on them if they succeed in growing their family more. My mom grew up neighbors with a family of 20 kids and every one of them became a success as an adult. The parents were married 65 yrs and happy.

    • Gemi

      As long as none of the children end up gay (which statistically at least one will) then those kids are screwed.

      • your mom

        WTF is this supposed to mean? Are you stupid?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know about that. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see what they’d do. I tend to think they do the “love the sinner, hate the sin” routine.

        (And statistically, it’s estimated that only 3% of the population is gay, so their chances are pretty good that NONE of their children will be gay.)

        • anon

          Actually it is 10% so statistically 2 of their kids could be.

          • Anonymous

            No, it’s not. That’s absolutely overstated.

    • Gemi

      As long as none of the children end up gay (which statistically at least one will) then those kids are screwed.

      • Lemongrass

        So if I understand correctly you’re saying that if some of their children end up being gay then they won’t be screwed?
        What kind of logic is that?

        • Jane

          and what kind of logic is the opposite ???
          they’re morons. They got really lucky with the last one, who could have died , and they’re tempting fate again. Fucking christian morons.

        • Gemi

          No, you didn’t follow me at all. As long as these children have no mind of their own, follow every one of daddies rules then they have a fine shot at life. Especially the boys, the girls must never get a college education and only work until they find a man (or till daddy finds a man for them) and then they must pop out a lot of babies like mommy.

      • xyz


      • Hanna

        If one of the children end up gay I can’t see them coming out as I believe the Duggars do not support gays.

      • Karen

        Since being gay is a choice, I am sure that none of them will end up that way. They have been raised to know what the Bible says about that issue. I know people who have come out of this lifestyle and they will also tell you that it;’s a choice they made. voices.yahoo.com/a-way-out-gays-lesbians-story-8905501.html?cat=7

    • xyz


  • Courtney

    technically this would be her 18th pregnancy and 22nd child she’s miscarried twice and had two sets of twins she’s pushing it at 47 and if she conceives in the late fall she’ll be due around her 48th birthday

    • Laura Ivansons

      First, Kudos for remembering her babies that died. Secondly, statistically speaking women who can get pregnant and give birth in their 40’s naturally are overall MORE fertile and live longer.

      I had my 8th living baby when I was 44.75. I will be 46 in January and am still fertile and can easily have another baby. My last two were only 14 months and 3 weeks apart.

  • your mom

    This headline makes my uterus hurt.

    • All I have to say about your comment is I enjoyed it. Lol.

    • K


  • Bink

    Eye roll…

  • Lauren

    when your oldest child has had your grandchildren, its time to stop.

    • coco

      THREE grandchildren, btw.

    • Anonymous

      Says you? Who put you in charge?

      • Anonymous

        common sense did

  • Rose

    If she actually raised her children, instead of handing them off to the other children to raise, then I wouldn’t care if you wanted to have another child. But it’s sick the way she keeps having child after child, only to hand them off to be raised by a sibling as soon as they are weaned. It’s also incredibly selfish.

    • Kat

      Yes, thank you. I used to watch this show. She does not care for all those children. Her older children support her a lot. Most of those girls have had no childhood because they’ve been playing mom for so long for her.

      Frankly, what worries me is that her last pregnancy was high-risk and she miscarried. Another one could kill her and the baby. Where would that leave her family? She needs to think of the children she already has and needs to put their needs first.

      • Karen

        They don’t believe in birth control so as long as they don’t, she will keep on getting pregnant. I know they don’t believe in abortion, and I don’t either, but there’s nothing wrong in preventing the pregnancy to begin with. I agree, she would be totally lost without the older girls helping out.

    • Hanna

      I noticed watching the show that Jennifer is more attached to Jill than her mother and in one episode when Anna was having a baby and Michelle and Jill went to help that Jennifer was crying for Jill which is sad.

  • Mememe

    “There’s a misconception about overpopulation – the whole population of the world could stand shoulder to shoulder in Jacksonville, FL” –

    WTFH?!?!?!?!?!? Is she insane or just stupid? That right there is the reason it drives me nuts how many kids they have – this is what they are teaching them.

  • SMH

    Did she have morning sickness with Josie or Jubilee?? I think the last 2 pregnancies perhaps a sign from God that your body has had enough.
    I like their show and think there is nothing wrong with a big family esp if you take care of them but there is a time where you have to think about the children you do have bc they deserve to have a mom and at 47 there is such a risk. She is def blessed. She has 19 kids and all of them havs been healthy. Even little Josie thus far has no lasting effects from her prematurity.

    • Karen

      True. I don’t think they know when to stop. They should be thankful for what they have. If I had a miscarriage especially at that age, I would think twice before getting pregnant again. Plus, it’s a lot on her body. I don’t think God made a women’s body to bear so many kids. I know years ago, big families existed so who am I to say?

      • Kris

        That’s because most kids didn’t make it out of infancy/toddler age. My grandmother was the youngest of 15. She had 7 kids herself(and then made the choice on her own that 7 was enough. To say my grandfather was pissed is putting it mildly). The Duggard’s will keep going until she can’t or is dead. After her last pregnancy you would think that they would take that as a sign from god that 19 is enough.

  • Jen

    I think that it’s atrocious to have that many children when there are so many children in America (and around the world) that need good homes. I don’t care how well they treat their own children- these people are selfish. No problems with a big family, but for god’s sake stop being selfish and help kids who really need it by giving them a loving home- not getting off because each kid you pop out has your DNA.

  • anon

    They desperately need a lesson on overpopulation. It is not the physical space that is the issue.

  • Tiff

    So the next headline we read will be “Michelle Duggar dead from 20th pregnancy”

  • toopoo

    her poor old vagine

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see ANOTHER group of self-righteous hags who think they should be allowed a say in the reproductive rights of someone else (but who would be screaming from the rooftops if I even suggested whether or not they should reproduce).

    I don’t care how many kids YOU have, do you care how many I have? Why would you care how many THEY have?

    And you “sign from god” people crack me up. You think you know what god is thinking and what he wants? How presumptuous can you be??

    • Anon

      I care because it affects me. This planet already has an overpopulation problem. They are making it worse. Their carbon footprint is enormous (especially with all the trips they take). And now, she wants to make it worse by having yet another kid. Are the 19 she already has not burden enough on natural resources? She wants to tax the planet even further to fuel her obsession. It’s irresponsible and selfish. Just because you have the ability to do something, doesn’t mean you should do it.

      • Anonymous

        So who is going to decide how many children someone can have? You? A jury of your peers? The government?

        Guess what, this is not China and people are allowed to have 50 kids if they want.

        If overpopulation is such a problem, make sure you never have a kid and try to force everyone you know to confirm to YOUR belief.

        • Anon

          People should show some responsibility and limit their family size to a reasonable number on their own without having to be told to do so by others.

    • Rose

      I care how many children they have because they are severely neglecting the children they currently have. So yes, it would bother me to see them have more children that they will neglect.

      And it’s very telling that you are unable to tell us why you disagree with us without calling us hags. That’s always the cornerstone of a weak argument.

  • Janet OSullivan

    People really need to start minding their own business. As far as the older girls helping, oh no!!!, they aren’t overindulged, spoiled, entitled, coddled young adults like most 20 something’s. How awful.

    • Anonymous

      There is a difference between helping your mom and dad with a new baby and being forced to basically parent that new baby on your own. Those girls deserve to have lives of their own. Their parents are the ones who chose to bring this many kids into the world, they should be the ones caring for them. The responsibility should not be handed off to someone else.

    • G

      Except that they’re making their business everyone’s by putting it on TV and commenting on it in magazines.

    • Anonymous

      Janet, people here will never agree with you (because you’re right and they hate that).

      • xyz


        • Anonymous

          Maybe when you learn to spell, the people here will take you seriously. Until then………. Shhhhhhhh.

    • xyz


  • Anonymous1

    I think this woman just has an obsession with being pregnant. Everyone knows that as soon as the child is born it just gets passed off to one of the older children. Maybe she should look into being a surrogate?

    • Anonymous

      Or look into seeing a mental health specialist

  • SMH

    I dont think she is obsessed with being pregnant l think she is brainwashed into this religion. Before she met Jim Bob she had several boyfriends and was a cheerleader. She did not always believe in these theories on God til she met Jim Bob. But the funny thing is is that Jim Bobs sister and niece do not follow it either. All the kids esp ghe girls will have to grow up with this mentality that they are baby makinv machines instead of being able to say you know what 2 kids is enough. Maybe this is why many of them are still single!

    • Anonymous

      What religion are they anyway? What religion tells a woman to go ahead and have 20 kids? I have a strict Catholic cousin with 7 kids and I thought that was a lot!

    • Anonymous

      Her oldest son is already starting this trend! He got married in 2008 at age 20 after supposedly not even kissing his wife until their wedding day. And in the five years they’ve been married, they’ve already had three children.

      The prospect of just one of these kids following in their mother’s footsteps is scary…I can’t even imagine if most or all do!

      • Karen

        I know others who didn’t kiss until their wedding day. That is not unusual. Having 3 kids is not unusual either. Anna’s body is different and she may not be able to have as many kids.

    • Anonymous

      Look, plenty of people are raised in stupid religions (Catholics aren’t allowed to use birth control either, you know)… and lots of people leave those religions when they’re grown.

      Funny how I never see anyone knocking Orthodox Jews that won’t even ride on the same bus as women! Talk about a f*d up religion!

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t even know that about the Orthodox Jews?? That is pretty f*d up for these modern times…

      • Anonymous

        every single religion has f*ed up rules, but most people choose to ignore the ones they don’t like and obsess over the ones they do.

  • Jennifer

    Many of them are still single because forget about having sex before marriage… I actually think I read somewhere that one of them was waiting for marriage to kiss, and that they only allowed a side hug… WTF?!?!

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  • Whatever

    These freaks need to stop breeding. Creationist assholes pushing out babies like her vagina is a clown car. I don’t give a FUCK that “they take care of their own!” having 20 children in a world where we don’t take care of all of the unwanted children is DISGUSTING. They’re filth.

  • xyz


    • Anonymous

      Retards? That’s pretty funny coming from someone who can’t figure out how to work the Caps Lock key on their computer.

  • Trent

    i cannot stand these people! they continue to pollute the earth with their children and the american public feed off it for some reason. if we all bred like this there would be no earth left in 150 years. YOU SUCK DUGGARS!!!!!!!!

    • Karen

      I think they have too many kids too, but let’s face it, if more families were like the Duggars, this world would be a much better place. I don’t think anyone can disagree with that. The children are respecful and raised with Godly values. I don’t ever expect to hear of a Duggar being arrested for a crime. Kids and teens today are very disrespectful. Parents don’t care or are not even around to teach them. You have to look beyond her many pregnancies for the good that this family does.

      • Grace

        You’re wrong about no one being able to disagree with that. I strongly disagree with that. The children are not respectful. They are rude and badly behaved when traveling to other countries and going on their various field trips. They’re barely literate. And their oldest child, Josh, was making short bus jokes on his instagram page. It’s beyond me how anyone could find those children respectful, kind or well-behaved. They are none of those things.

  • Kat23

    If they truly want to be helpful…why not adopt a kid…instead of mass producing their own???? I had a girl work for me whose mom had foster parented and adopted over 20 kids…very special woman and family. To me they just do this to fulfill their own selfish needs….I believe I read an article about them to where the older kids do a lot of the work helping with the younger ones…If you cannot handle raising your kids without forcing your older children to step in to be “mom” or “dad” then you need to stop. And God forbid anyone of their kids is gay….they would try to “convert” that child or shun them…I don’t understand the rational of this…with the environment in trouble….and people not able to get food…children in orphanages …why do they need to have twenty kids???

  • Deborah Switzer

    A man & woman come together. BUT it is GOD who actually creates the baby. So I say don’t criticize Michelle & Jim Bob. God is the one doing His work of multiplication. He knows what He’s doing. Yes, even He allows a baby to be produced from an act of rape. There is a Christian minister James Roberson who was a product of rape. He is a wonderful loving man. God wanted him born. He had a purpose. I trust God. Can you imagine how many babies there could be if GOD decided to make every copulation a success! I trust God. God said: Be fruitful and multiply.

  • Tanya

    As parent of Five, I know how great it is to see that Blessing in your Family. We Love your Family. You are Hero’s.

    “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8;28

    “Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees,” ” What will you do on the day of reckoning, when disaster comes from afar? To whom will you run for help? Where will you leave your riches? ” Isaiah 10; 1, 10; 3

    • Anonymous

      “And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.” Leviticus 26:30

      Yummy yummy, the Duggars are gonna eat good if they follow your god!!

      • Tess

        But that’s a BAD part of the bible, so it’s either taken out of context or translated wrong, silly! Don’t you know only the good stuff is correct?

    • Karen

      I agree and I honestly think it’s just jealousy with some people. This is a good, Godly family and I would think that many kids would die to be in such a loving family considering the kind of families that exist today. So, I do agree with the ones who say that it would have been nice to adopt some kids. Any kid living in an orphanage or coming from a bad home, would jump to get into such a good family and be treated well.

      • Kate

        But the kids aren’t treated well. They are neglected, barely literate, and the older ones are treated like slaves.

  • jim

    the woman is just plain crazy an likes being pregnant and that will give them more money from TLC like the other show teen show about pregnant teens and t all for the money. what’s going to happen when they stop taping the show. Where is the money coming from to support them

  • laurie

    Jim Bob needs to keep it in his pants. Gettting someone pregnant 22 times doesn’t prove you’re a man. Neither does “Jim Bob”. Use one or the other. You’re not a (fictional) Walton!

    • Karen

      It’s really no one’s business how many children a couple have or how often they have sex. Try telling your husband to keep it in his pants. I wonder what his reaction would be. Just be thankful for what you have and don’t worry about what other families do.

  • Chris P

    How totally selfish and moronic. This is all about them getting publicity. This size of family is obscene. The world is already short of resources.

    They need to be sent back to math class. If this family was allocated 20 acres to live on – each child would only have 1 acre. The only way this works is if they take land and resources from other people.

    They use their fictional God routine as a shield against criticism.

  • Sully St

    Duggars, its time to collect inanimate objects, not children, natural or adopted. You cannot possibly have the time to give to imbue the children with all the things children need.
    You all also need psychiatriac help for unfulfilled emotional needs. How selfish.

  • Flea

    I have watched this show very little. But who are we to judge how many children they have? They are not on welfare, they own their home-paid off. And how do you know about the older children raising the little ones? I do not support these people. I do not live with these people. What right do I have to judge?

    • Rose

      We know that the older children raise the younger ones because Michelle admitted it on the show.

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  • Em

    Well…they announced they are officially pregnant with their 20th child and are due in April.

  • Katie Morton

    Ewww…..come on….really??? I have never understood this “brood”..yay that you’re all so “organized” and such…but…does mama really have a grip on what it’s like to raise a child after baby number 4? Honestly…she always speaks like she’s SO out of touch!! (like a Xanax maybe??) Looks like the “older” siblings have more of a lesson (and are closer) to their younger siblings than mom and dad are after a while. And…baby # 20??? WHY would any parent temp fate with the health of their child…or health of the mother??? WHY!!?? This train of thought can NOT be good or productive to society…

  • K N

    The Bates have 19 as well……I wonder if it’s a competition now? I watch both shows occasionally, so I know they are friends but I still wonder if she may want to beat Mrs. Bates to the 20th. I don’t believe in what they do, but I would not call them “retards” either. I do feel bad for their daughters having to raise the little ones, and they do. They pack for them, school them, feed them, dress them, walk with them mostly on trips. I have seen the little ones ask for their “buddy” in lieu of mama. That is sad to me.

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  • Andrea

    All children are a blessing no matter how many a woman has. All those who are talking about overpopulation do not know about the demographic crisis in
    Europe and America. Birth rates have fallen in the last 20 years. Do your research. Love all the children for they are our future.

  • Ann

    The kids appear healthy, Jim Bob could pass for several years younger than his age, and Michelle looks better than many mothers with one-tenth of her kids. Best wishes to them all!
    Years ago there was a book called Cheaper By The Dozen. Maybe Michelle, Jim Bob & their tribe will some day write one called Cheaper By The Two Dozen? (lol)
    Which might cause self-righteous population bombers to have er, kittens?
    PS. Myself was born one of a baker’s dozen, including the steps and two fostered cousins. I don’t regret my birth. Nor do my brothers & sisters. Oh yeah, and it’s unlikely the Duggars’ carbon footprints are big as topshelf-swigging, childfree-by-choicers who regularly jet round the globe to Hawaii, Fiji, Europe etc.

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  • Michael

    People are STILL supporting this freak show?

  • Anonymous

    She needs to just die during childbirth, that’s the only thing that will stop her. Then give these kids to someone who will appreciate them.

    • Karen

      How about wishing that on someone in your own family? To die during childbirth. It’s people like you who don’t belong in these conversations and make idiotic, ignorant remarks. I also think she has too many kids, but I don’t wish that she would die and leave them all behind. Get a life!

      • Tess

        She didn’t wish it to happen, she said that’s probably what it will take to stop her. And she’s right, this woman has no common sense and won’t think of anything or anyone but her obsession with being pregnant.

  • jackie

    Maybe Jim Bob should have the next baby …I bet that will end from they Duggers having anymore kids.

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    It’s good to see all the “Good Vibrations” of all the Marky Mark fans! Dey 2wo know the Duggar’s R kool stuff! Now Mark Wahlberg, has a kool Nu movie! Transformacons Battle to Save Ert!

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