Jennifer Garner & Her California Girls

Jennifer Garner picked up Seraphina, 4, and Violet, 7, from school in Santa Monica, Calif. on Monday (October 7).

The actress recently lobbied to change paparazzi laws in the Golden State. During her interview with Today last week she shared that the family considered moving out of California if the laws didn’t pass.

She explained, “We had looked at all different things, moving out of California, you know all manners of things. I think that there’s an idea that because our pictures are everywhere that we’re complicit in it, when really what happens is they’re waiting outside our door every single day. I can’t go to the mailbox without getting my picture taken, so I don’t.”

E! News reports Garner is hopeful that now that the law has passed, her kids won’t have “really aggressive men, yelling and screaming five feet away from their faces” during their daily lives.

“My kids take karate, for example, and we have our classes at the same time every week. So, the guys know when we have karate. And so 20 of them wait there for us every single class. So that’s a lot of energy coming at little, little kids.”

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  • Booka

    The paps will push the law and see what they can get away with. It will take actual strict enforcement of those violating it for it to sink into their neanderthal brains that there will be consequences for harassing these children.

  • arabella

    Jennifer kids are very odd-looking.

  • Kristin

    You realize the photos you publish are here, in fact, paparazzi photos?

  • Christie

    She should move. Making laws to suit a few rich celebrities is ridiculous. Don’t live in the heart if Brentwood if you want more privacy. The want fame but only on their terms. Go away Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

    • Anonymous

      I’m 100% certain you would feel differently if it were you being harassed.

    • Meliss

      It’s not just to suit a few rich celebrities. What the paparazzi do, aside from badgering little kids, is very dangerous for all people in the surrounding area. Jessica Simpson shopping at Cartier almost caused a traffic accident when I was trying to get home one evening. The paparazzi need to go away, not the people.

      By the way, Brentwood is not a party city. It’s suburban and in close-ish proximity to work for a lot of actors/entertainers. Living in the “heart” of Brentwood is like living in any other surburban town.

      You should try living around that madness before you judge. It’s not fun for anyone.

      • Alba

        Can you read because not once did Christie say Brentwood party city. Brentwood is paparizzi central it’s not a secret celebrities know this before buying a house there so let’s not act like they are blindsided.

        Celebrities have a chose of living in Brentwood and dealing with the paparizzi or living in a gated community or Hollywood Hills…ext and give their kids a much more private life.

        • Meliss

          I love that you ask whether I can read and then proceed to make spelling and grammatical errors. That’s rich.

          Of course celebrities can live behind gates. But what happens when they leave to, say, get groceries? Gates don’t help you then. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in LA or New York or Idaho. When you’re famous there’s really nowhere you can hide.

          More than that, I’m not sure why people are pissed at celebrities for not wanting to be stalked every day all day.

  • Anonymous

    Her kids look like 2 Poindexters.

  • Anonymous

    I have mixed feelings about this on one hand all children deserve the right to be protected, but on the other I think there are children out there who need “real” help that we should be focusing on. The truth is they can leave brentwood or hire extra security!

  • wendy

    If I had paps hanging outside my house, following me around 24/7 and yelling at and scaring my kids, I would move – end of story. Especially when you are driving and they are chasing you, there is way too much at stake. The pap law is great, but the damage is done. Plenty of successful celebs have continued to have A-list careers outside Hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    Let her leave and go to Wyoming. I’m sick of this whole unattractive family.

  • Anon

    She won’t walk out to her mailbox because she doesn’t want her picture taken…but she goes out for coffee every day?????

  • Lizzie

    They could even stay in California and just move more north.

  • hopper

    Is she having another baby?

  • Meliss

    How is moving a solution? So you uproot your kids, change their school, friends, familiar surroundings? I don’t think so. When Chester Molester tries to move into a neighborhood, people protest. They don’t move. This is the same thing. Moving your whole family is not practical. And, it’s not fair. They haven’t done anything wrong.

    • Alba

      No but if your family live in a neighborhood with gangs and drugs you would move to a safer neighborhood to protect your kids.

      FYI people move every day so lets stop with the drama ( kids, change their school, friends, familiar surroundings ) it’s not a big deal that your making it out to be.

      • amy

        Good response, Alba. But I think you are wasting your time. The other poster is as thick as a brick and doesn’t seem to get it.

  • Meliss

    If your family lived in a neighborhood with drugs and gangs, chances are pretty good that it’s not by choice; if you could move you would.

    People do move everyday. But not because they’ve been forced to by people who wish to accost them and their families at every turn. You say it’s not a big deal because its never happened to you. I stand by what I said. If I was being stalked, there’s no way I’d let that person dictate where I live or where my kids go to school. I call the police and take whatever legal action possible.

  • A. Smyth

    I actually don’t have any sympathy at all. Paparazzi attention is a very well known consequence of being famous, and if she’s so concerned with her children being harassed she should perhaps look to herself and what she can do to change it. She’s chosen this career, and if she doesn’t want the consequences of it, she needs to move or quit!

    Also, I feel bad for the poor kids who all appear to have problems with their sight.

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