Top 5 Celebrity Couples That Live Across The Pond

Although Hollywood is still the number one stomping ground for the rich and famous, many celebrities are choosing to live abroad in an effort to protect their privacy and keep their personal lives from the public eye. Sure, there are European paparazzi, but even so, life is much more manageable. For celebrities with children, it’s particularly important to give their families some sense of normalcy. 

Our friends over at Cupid’s Pulse have the scoop on the top five celebrity couples that live across the pond:

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy: This California girl bought a house in London in February 2011 and now lives half of the year across the pond with her fiancé, Muse musician Matthew Bellamy. The couple were engaged in April 2011 and welcomed their son, Bingham, in July 2011. The family is often seen out-and-about in the rainy city with Hudson’s parents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, as well as her nine-year-old son, Ryder.

To see other celebrity couples that live across the pond, visit Cupid’s Pulse.


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Photo credit: Cupid's Pulse

  • Ibah

    I don’t know about that. I’ve seen the photographers in Paris for example, and they can be relentless and very pushy. But there are probably regions to be more anonymous. I’ve noticed that even in Vancouver now, it is difficult to go around without someone taking a photo with their phone.

  • Anon

    Matthew & Kate do not live in the UK! They live in California. Ryder goes to school there and his father lives there also. They’re often seen in the UK, but that does not mean they live there. Chris & Gwyneth also do not live in the UK anymore. They recently moved back to California and their kids are going to school there. What a pointless post, CBS!!!

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