Bill Hader Is On Trash Duty For Life

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Bill Hader is one celebrity dad who has accepted the fact that he is on trash duty for life. The father of two, who wed director and screenwriter Maggie Carey in 2006, has agreed to a trade-off of sorts regarding household chores.

“Whatever your wife asks, say yes,” the 35-year-old funnyman recently told People at a screening of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. “Just say yes and your life will be so much easier. If your wife asks you to drive to LAX at 2 a.m. to pick up a piece of luggage, do it!” Yes, they’re 4-year-old Hannah and 14-month-old Harper Hader!

“I’m all about trash — she won’t even deal with trash,” Bill Hader went on to share, elaborating on who has taken on what duties in their home in a way that I totally understand.

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  • Anonymous

    Ah, another twist on the “Women are crazy and unreasonable and you’re better off just saying yes, and avoiding the conflict” meme. So original of him. It’s also patronizing and misogynistic, but hey, he actually thinks he’s being clever.

  • Anonymous

    I love Bill 🙂

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