Orlando Bloom: I Won’t Spend More Than Three Weeks From Flynn

Orlando Bloom can’t be away from his adorable son Flynn. He told InStyle, “I won’t spend more than two or three weeks away from him.”

The 36-year-old actor also adds that Miranda Kerr “doesn’t spend more than a week” away from their 2-year-old.

Asked about how they manage their work schedules – Bloom explained, “She flies somewhere for work, I take care of Flynn. I go off to work, she takes care of Flynn. Or, you know, we’re together, and we just make it work. We’re not conventional in any way, shape or form.”

He continued, “Flynn is not in school yet, so we’re still pretty loosey-goosey. We’re a bit of a traveling circus.”

The family are living in New York City while he stars in the Broadway version of Romeo and Juliet.

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  • Allison

    While it’s obviously true, it’s probably not the best thing to say out loud.

  • Annie

    I heard their marriage is on the rocks. It’s sad, I thought they were both funny, down to earth people. But it seems like Miranda has been turning into a b*tch lately. Remember when she insulted that cab driver?

    • Anonymous

      Tabloids and other outlets have been saying for over a year that their marriage was on the skids…

    • Anonymous

      Is that REALLY who you are? Spreading gossip about someone’s relationship that you heard fourth-hand from a tabloid? Make you feel good?

      • Annie

        If this isn’t a gossip website, then I don’t know what it is.
        And when I say “I heard”, I don’t mean “I read in a tabloid”. A lady I know is friends with Miranda’s mom here in Australia. She says that Miranda has been spending almost no time with Orlando, and he’s hurt and feeling that he’s losing her.
        Don’t believe it if you don’t want to, but here’s my contribution to people who actually like to gossip. It’s not like I’m calling TMZ!

  • Dominika

    Flynn is definitely mommy’s boy.

  • Anon

    She got pregnant and the marriage was forced.

    • Annie

      Exactly. People on this site are so naive and optimistic about Hollywood marriages, it’s ridiculous.

  • give me a break!

    You know there are people out there that fall deeply in love deciding to get married when pregnant. That happen to me. I was planning my wedding and I got pregnant. I didnt get force into nothing. I lovey husband and I would have marry him any ways.

    • Anon

      Yippie for you! Why the need to explain your personal situation for strangers?

  • anonymous

    he has miranda’s cheeks! so cute. every relationship (famous or not) has ups and downs…!

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