All Children Are Not Treated Equally

As a parent, you might occasionally tell lies. For example, you might tell your little one, “Oh honey, I love it! Thank you so much!” when you really have no idea what your 3-year-old drew. If you and your siblings are close in age, there’s one very important lie that your parents probably told you: “We treated you and your siblings equally. The exact same.” No they didn’t!

When you have a toddler and baby, the situation is tough. You do what you have to do to survive, and everything is crazy — your day, your life, your thoughts, your home, your days out, your sleep, you name it! Baby Gizmo has the scoop on some ways your poor parents, who were just trying to get through the madness, did not treat you equally.

Photos: Baby Number 1- Every single millisecond was photographed. Baby breathed. Baby slept. Baby in bath. Baby out of bath. Baby in car seat. Many of these photos were even printed and put in albums. If you were baby number 1, you have a lot of photos.

Baby Number 2 and subsequent babies – Baby slept? Your parents are busy feeding the toddler or wiping up the toddler’s massive paint spill. Baby in bath? The toddler is in the bath too, pulling out the plug and sticking their fingers down the drain again. Photos are now for serious milestones.

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