Jenna Dewan-Tatum Reveals Post-Baby Body

Just two months after welcoming daughter Everly with husband Channing Tatum, actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum revealed her post-baby body for the November cover of SELF, and opened up about losing 33 pounds in 7 weeks.

On her post-baby body: “I just recently had a baby but I stayed in shape. I was working out almost every single day or walking or hiking or anything that made me feel good. If it’s fun I’ll do it more.”

On her postpartum workout routine: “I do a 35-minute hip-hop workout my trainer gave me. Chan laughs because he walks in on me doing my routine to Lil Wayne in the living room. He hasn’t jumped in yet, but I’m going to have to work on that!”

On her husband: “Channing is super supportive. He can’t stop saying how amazing it is what the woman’s body goes through. Chan loves my new [curvier] figure! There’s no complaints on his side, for sure! He’s going to love these pictures!”

For more of Self‘s interview with Jenna, pick up a copy on stands October 22.

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  • Jessica

    High rise shorts? Maybe to hide the little loose skin flab all post bodies get. So she obviously doesn’t have her post body back. Not that it matters, for goodness sake she is only 2 months pp. can the fricken media just present a celebrity that looks like a normal average mom 2 months after birth?!! Ugh makes me sick that my daughters will be raised in a world where after you have a child your focus should be on getting your body back instead of just relaxing and focusing on the new baby with no stress about your body. I’m thankful I wasn’t allowed to be active for 3 months after I gave birth. We need to embrace our post bodies and realize it will take time. No rush of who can lose it faster.

    • your mom

      I agree with you %100. However, I bounced back immediately after both my children’s births. It does happen and those women (including myself) have the right to embrace our post baby bodies as well.

      • Jessica

        Oh yes embrace your body whether you bounce back or not. I just mean the pressure for the majority of women are to get their bodies back as soon as they can. Of course there’s some that bounce back right away. But either way no matter how one looks after birth, embrace your body as you just created life. There shouldn’t be any stress like the media puts on to get your body back within a few weeks.

        • Anonymous

          The majority of women don’t keep up the workout schedule that this woman did. Nor do they really watch their diets. THAT and only that is the reason they don’t bounce back the way she (and other celebs) did.

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