Gisele Bündchen: Life With Her Cuties

Gisele Bündchen has been sharing the cutest photos of Vivian, 10 months, Benjamin, 3, and Jack, 6, on her Instagram account.

The model shows the children spending time with grandma, visiting the lake and flying in a plane.

Honoring World Food Day on October 16 – the UNEP Goodwill Ambassador wrote her support for the organization.

She said, “I am amazed and astonished that in a world where at least one out of seven people go to bed at night hungry, about one third of all the food produced globally is lost or thrown away. Think about all the forests, the land and all the species that are being lost for food that is never eaten?

“Playing in the small city where I was born and raised in Brazil, my parents taught me to care about the Earth, about its people and about its forests, rivers and all the other natural phenomena that make our world work. They taught me not to waste. And I am teaching that to my children too.”

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  • Anonymous

    I noticed they like showing the back of this kids head too like Blue. What’s the point?

    • cb

      there is no point. if you are not going to show the face, dont show the picture. no one cares what the back of their heads look like.
      if she wants privacy for her kids, dont post ANY pics, front or back.

      • mrs. trumbell

        these demands from strangers are hilarious.

        i would love to see your reaction if someone wrote “either post pics of your kids that look exactly like ______ or don’t post any at all!!!!!!!!” on your facebook, you would hit the freaking roof at their rudeness.

  • Alyson

    Seems like she is only releasing personal photos of the children from the back to protect their privacy. Most photos we see of the childrens faces are from the papparazzi and she doesn’t have much control over those.

    I get wanting to protect your child’s privacy but if we already know what they look like, is it not pointless?

  • Viv

    Cute pic with Ben, but Jack is not her child at all.Her mother isn’t Jack’s grandma.Jack is son o of Bridget. and Toma. Gisele has 2 kids.

    • amanda

      Doesn’t Jack deserve to be treated with kindness and fairness. He obviously is. He won’t grow up being the stepchild(grandchild), he’s just part of the family.

      • Viv

        I thik Jack has his family and home .He lives with his mother, no with his dad’d family..Tom and Gisele has own family, but Jack is child of Bridget and Tom.. no Gisele of Tom

        • Rayray

          This is the 21st century! Children can well have two sets of homes and extended families that go with those homes

          If Jack’s mother would remarry (as is common for singlh mothers in the prime of their lives to do) is that stepfather and his family not Jack’s family?!?

          People like you, Viv, can drive me crazy with your holier than thou attitudes

    • Rayray

      Stop acting the fool, Viv!
      Gisele can’t win with you people – if she didn’t have pics of Jack some of you would say ‘why sn’t he there, doesn’t she think of him as part of her family?!?’

      I have a stepfather who came into my life when I was about 2years old and I have always called and considered his parents my grandparents, I would be very hurt if an idiot like you, Viv would dare to say that I am not part of that family

    • abby

      Sorry to burst your little one minded bubble, but that IS Toms mom, Galynn Brady, NOT giseles mom. Yes, jqcks are basically time and time again the one treating him like an “other”, how sad and pathetic.

    • Eva

      So sad for people who do not understand that love supersedes blood! Each of my own children was much-loved by the other’s paternal grandparents and treated that way. Families come in all descriptions!

    • claudia

      Viv, in Brazil we dont call step families or step children. Its just family and accept everyone. Its real sad to think to treat other kids cold, just because theyre not blood. This is not how most Brazilian treat people!

    • jessie

      That’s Tom’s mother, not Gisele’s. All three are her grandchildren.

  • Anonymous

    I think what she’s trying to say is Jack has his own Grandmother and that Gisele’s mother isn’t his grandmother. If I’m Bridgette, I wouldn’t want my son calling someone else’s mother, grandma.

    • abby

      Its Jacks BLOOD grandma, Toms mom Galynn Brady!!! Giseles mother has long brown hair. Omg I just cant with bridges fans…

    • Anonymous

      That’s too bad, because if your kids had a step-parent, they probably WOULD call the step-parents parents Grandma and Grandpa. How on earth is that a BAD thing??

  • abby

    Bridge fans, face it, Toms family loves Gisele. Theyre always saying fond things about her. Theyre very close. His sistees were on vacation with her in costa rica this past summer. She follows his sisters on instagram, and yep grandma BRADY loves reading to her grandkids according to the picture.. Grow up already and do proper research, quit stalking gisele’s every move, if you’re not a fan.

  • mariah

    Grandma Brady reading to her grand babies is so cute.

  • Annie

    “They taught me to care about the Earth and not to waste” says the woman who flies a private jet, which is pretty much the worst form of transportation on Earth in terms of pollution.

    • ghj

      Um…Everytime she flies, I read airport sightings about her on twitter. “Omg sitting next to gisele on my flight”. How wrong you are…

  • Someone

    Most of her pics seem so posed and contrived. Not natural moments with her kids…I’m mainly talking about the first pic

    • mrs. trumbell

      ummmmmm because it was taken to honor world food day? did you not read the post, or..?

      • Someone

        Ummmmm her quote was honoring World Food Day, not the picture specifically. Maybe you should take your own advice and read the post yourself. Just sayin’.

  • Annie

    Why was my post about her flying private jets deleted??

  • omg

    OMG! People are acting like children on this site. Yes, Jack lives and goes to school full time with his mom, Bridget in NYC. And Jack visits with his dad on home game weekends and alternates vacation. Yes, the grandma in the picture is Tom’s mom, not Gisele’s. But everyone seems to get along just fine and the kids look happy. Gisele isn’t Jack’s mom and isn’t trying to be his Mom. She said, Jack calls her Gigi. Now, lets all move on. They have.

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