Giuliana Rancic: Ryan Seacrest Is Too Busy To Babysit!

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To borrow from Rocky (and Katy Perry), Giuliana Rancic has the eye of the tiger.
At the age of 37, Rancic announced on the Today show that she was battling breast cancer, after struggling for years to get pregnant. A double mastectomy and one baby Duke (born via a surrogate) later, Rancic is now a parent and strong supporter of, the first ever shopping and community platform that provides women with breast cancer—at every treatment phase—with all of their lifestyle needs.

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  • Heather

    OMG he is getting so big and he looks just like Bill!!

  • Someone

    He is so cute…a good mix of both parents IMO

  • Marie

    Duke is such a beautiful baby!!

  • Sharon

    sorry he is not attractive and she is just plane ugly.

    • Jen

      I’d venture to say that no matter what she looks like, she’s smart enough to know that there’s a difference between “plain” and “plane”- something even a two year old knows- so I wouldn’t judge if I were you.

      • Anonymous

        That *was* a ridiculous word mistake…. BUT… this woman is just so bizarre looking. She reminds me so much of the old guy in the second Poltergeist movie. You know, the one that was dying during the shooting of the movie.

        That face….. Yikes!

  • DanSy

    Everyone is different and everyone has their charms. I don’t see ugly ppl, I only see different ppl. Prob coz I’m an artist…

    And her boy is gorgeous!

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