Beyoncé & Blue Play Peekaboo

Singing sensation Beyoncé shared some playful pics via Tumblr.

The Bootylicious singer posted shots spending quality time with daughter Blue Ivy, 21 months. One of the cutest pictures from the set is the mother-daughter duo playing peekaboo in a hammock.

In another sweet snapshot, the Grown Woman singer is seen relaxing on the same hammock with her baby girl.

The pair also played with bubbles in their summer gear. On Thursday, Bey posted an Instagram image toting her tot at the beach.

The 32-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer is currently in New Zealand for her Mrs. Carter Show world tour. She performs in Auckland for four nights before going into the Australian leg of the tour.

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Photo credit: tumblr

  • Anonymous

    Another stupid picture…

  • theoriginal bubbles

    Seriously, the only reason she doesn’t want to show the kids face is because she’s daddy’s spitting image. trust me if the kid was gorgeous there’d be a picture daily at least!

  • Joey

    I agree.

  • Meliss

    Couldn’t she be hiding her face so she’s not immediately recognized when not with her famous parents? I thought Michael Jackson was weird for masking his children, but it turned out that he did it so they could have normal lives when he wasn’t around. I think there’s a fine line as a parent between wanting to share this awesome kid with the world and wanting to protect them. I read an article once that spooked me enough to take all my kid’s photos off the web and shut down my baby blog. I’m easing up now…a little.

    • Anonymous1

      I understand what you’re saying. However, Michael didn’t put masks on his children and then take photos himself and post them for all to see. He put masks on them when they went out in a public place so in case the paps happened to catch shots of them their faces wouldn’t be recognizable. If Beyonce wants to hide her child’s face so she doesn’t get snapped by the paps I completely understand, but that is not what she is doing. She is personally taking these photos and putting them out there for people to see. If she is so interested in protecting her child she shouldn’t post any photos of her at all.

      • Meliss

        Well that’s what I’m saying. Not sure if you have kids but I know how much I want to show mine off while still protecting her privacy. Beyonce, however famous, is a mom just like me. I can understand her maybe thinking that this is a happy medium. People get to see them doing fun stuff without compromising her identity. I’m telling you, my pics on Facebook show my kid playing in the drapes and sleeping with her but in the air. No face at all. Still got “likes” too. Haha

  • Jenny

    Oh dear God! Hiding the face again? I guess this is to our benefit.

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